Mollie and Shopify: Growing together in Europe

E-commerce platform Shopify wants to get a better foothold in Europe, and we can’t imagine a more appropriate way to do this than with the easiest payments on the continent. That’s why we’ve extended our partnership with Shopify. And we’ve spared no effort in making the integration with Shopify as easy as possible, all to make sure entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about their payments.

The first payment partner

Did you know that Mollie was Shopify’s first payment partner in the Benelux? Here, Adriaan Mol, Mollie’s founder, took an active role. “We actually had many cases of clients not able to choose for Shopify because the lack of a good Dutch payment method,” meaning iDEAL, he wrote in Shopify Community in 2012. But, “we prefer not to use other solutions as Shopify offers the best product”.

Mollie officially began its partnership with Shopify in 2015 with the two most important payment methods in the Benelux: iDEAL for the Netherlands and Bancontact for Belgium.

Mollie founder Adriaan Mol asks Shopify for iDEAL integration

All major payment methods

Currently, Mollie offers all the major payment methods you as an entrepreneur need to grow in Europe, and it’s now easier than ever to activate relevant payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, and SEPA transactions. Soon, we’ll also offer Klarna and Apple Pay on Shopify. Additionally, where you used to have to go back and forth between Mollie and Shopify to connect the two platforms, you can now activate every payment method directly in your Shopify dashboard.

Available for all

Shopify fits with Mollie’s philosophy as seamlessly as Mollie connects to Shopify. Mike Komor, Head of Partnerships at Mollie, says that, “Making payments accessible for everyone has always been our starting point, whether you’re a small or a large company,” and that “Shopify has everything entrepreneurs need to start and scale up their businesses.” “Shopify is one of the best solutions for SMEs,” he continues, “while large enterprises are best served through Shopify Plus, and that’s how every entrepreneur in Europe gets access to the easiest e-commerce platform and the easiest payments.”

Activating Mollie on Shopify is easy. Need help anyway? No worries, check out how to do it in our Help Center.

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