Mollie’s mission: why we want to be the world’s most-loved payment service provider

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Our mission is to simplify financial services for all companies to become the world's most loved payment service provider (PSP). For us, it’s more than just words; it’s the fuel driving everything that we do.

To find out more about exactly that mission, we sat down with Mollie CEO Shane Happach. With more than 15 years’ experience building some of the world’s biggest fintech brands, Shane is now leading Mollie through a period of hypergrowth.

So, what does our mission statement really mean? “When we talk about our success, we talk about our customers and partners,” Shane explains. “Our business is not about us. It’s about providing an effortless payment system so a merchant can take their business to the next level, helping digital agencies provide the best payment solution, and making software-as-a-service companies stand out by ensuring their customers generate more revenue.”

Over the last two years, Mollie has helped more than 100,000 small- and medium-sized merchants (SMEs) to start selling online. Today, we support more than 130,000 customers with payments. What’s driven this growth?


“We want to better serve a woefully underserved community: SMEs,” Shane explains. “These smaller players need products and services to support everything, from the creation of their online retail site to the checkout experience. PSP business models are fundamentally about price and volume, and – in Europe especially – merchants need more support from their partners. That’s where we come in.”

An effortless payment product and exceptional partnerships

Of course, to make payments effortless for everyone we need to make sure our product delivers. “Making the product simple and API-driven has unlocked enormous value,” Shane explains. “It takes a lot to scale a payments business, but it starts with the tech. That has to be able to accommodate the whole customer journey without creating hiccups or band-aids.”

As well as a world-class product, we believe in creating long-lasting, successful collaborations with our customers and partners. “There’s huge value in relationships,” Shane says. “Solving payments problems for businesses requires teams on both the merchant and provider side to work together. And when there’s an investment in personal connections and building trust, it works much better.”

A crucial part of developing that relationship with our customers and partners is offering truly localised support and service. “We pride ourselves on having a truly local approach by supporting local payment methods, local onboarding and local customer support in the right language,” Shane says.


The future of ecommerce and Mollie’s mission

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the world is slowly coming to terms with what life will look like in 2022 and beyond. So, what does Shane see on the horizon for the ecommerce industry? “Travel, events and experiences will likely become more localised because the demand has shifted. By contrast, as the direct-to-consumer market has boomed, we will see more innovation in delivery and logistics. Smaller businesses will want to provide the same services as larger competitors, such as same- or next-day delivery.”

For Mollie, our future is focused on becoming the world’s most-loved PSP and offering financial services to help others grow. “Mollie will soon be expanding into financial services such as working capital and business banking accounts,” Shane says with a smile, “all specifically tailored to small- and medium-sized merchants, of course.”

Mollie’s mission is to help you grow. Already trusted by more than 130,000 businesses, we do this with an effortless payment product that offers all major payment methods for the best localised experience. Learn more about simple, secure payments with Mollie, or discover more tips to grow your business.

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