How the right online signage harnesses the spending power of American Express

It might seem like a small thing, but the right online signage can have a big impact on your sales and your relationship with your customers. With 91% of UK American Express® Cardmembers shopping online, here’s why every online business should warmly welcome American Express Cardmembers (1).

Online signage and digital assets which show your customers which cards you accept are details which can easily be overlooked. But if you make it clear to Amex Cardmembers that their Cards are welcome in your online store, having those assets on display could make a big difference to your conversion rates. Here’s how.

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American Express’s online signage builds trust and confidence

American Express® Cards are incentive driven, offering membership rewards and cashback, so Cardmembers are always looking for places to use their Card. In fact, 72% of UK Amex Cardmembers report that before making a retail purchase, they look for signs or logos that indicate if the merchant accepts American Express (2). So even before customers walk into a bricks-and-mortar store, they’re likely to cast a quick glance at the door or window to see if they take American Express. It’s the same when your Amex customers are shopping with you online. Let them know, using clear icons and web banners, that you are an approved Amex merchant, so they can shop with confidence right from the start. Plus, it’s easy to tweak your webpage design to integrate online signage across the whole customer journey, including checkout, to ensure a consistent user experience. Watch the Mollie Checkout demo to find out how.

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It drives incremental sales

American Express UK Cardmember’s spend on average, 3.9x more annually compared to the average UK credit and charge card (3). So, using American Express signage is not just important for the Cardmember to feel welcome. It’s an incredibly powerful tool for you, too, enabling you to capitalise on Amex’s high-spending customer base.

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It helps you secure repeat business

A recent survey found that 88% of UK American Express Cardmembers report that American Express is their payment method of choice to pay for all purchases (4). If your customer has a good experience, has been well signposted and feels confident shopping with you, they are more likely to shop with you again. It’s a lot more expensive to generate new customers than it is to get repeat business.

It helps to reassure customers

Your online signage can promote a secure customer experience. SafeKey, provides customers with an additional layer of security, when they shop online. Displaying American Express’s Safekey logo enables them to shop with confidence knowing the transaction is secure. Additionally, on average, ~85% transactions decisioned using SafeKey 2.0 do not require a challenge at checkout, thereby reducing friction for most transactions (5).

Attract new customers by accepting American Express

More and more businesses both big and small are discovering the power of American Express. Once you accept it, your business will be promoted to thousands of customers.


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