Mollie partners with open banking specialists Plaid to improve customer experience

We’re partnering with open banking and payments specialist Plaid to improve customer experiences across our financial services, including onboarding and payments. We’re using Plaid’s advanced API to deliver more secure and easier bank verification for Mollie users during onboarding. This will make it easier and faster for them to start receiving payments and launch ecommerce businesses.

The adoption of open banking technology is accelerating across Europe as companies use it to improve customer experiences. Plaid, which is rapidly expanding across the continent, builds the infrastructure and APIs to help companies harness this opportunity. Our integration with Plaid continues our journey as a leading innovator and makes us one of the first payment service providers to offer this highly local and seamless bank account verification method. It’s part of our commitment to helping SMEs across Europe grow their business with ease.

“Our customers are at the heart of our business, and we are constantly improving and striving to offer the best payments experiences,” says Rogier Schoute, Mollie’s chief product officer. “Plaid shares this same philosophy with us and creates exceptional products. We’re particularly excited because the partnership will allow us to offer our customers a fantastic solution to facilitate quick and easy onboarding, not only when they join Mollie but also as they grow their business abroad. Gone are the days of the overcomplicated verification method.”

Helping ecommerce businesses across Europe

The implementation of Plaid’s open banking solutions will kick off in the UK, with other European markets to follow in the upcoming months, including France and Germany. We are also currently exploring the use cases of open banking for payments and other financial services to add additional value for its B2B customers.

“With the pandemic, Europe and much of the world experienced two years of intense financial digitisation, creating huge opportunities for businesses to serve customers in new ways,” says Farid Sedjelmaci, head of European partnerships at Plaid. “Embedding Plaid solutions into payment service providers like Mollie unlocks the power of open banking for thousands of merchants with significantly less time and fewer resources required to deploy and manage.”

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