Choose the best WooCommerce payment gateway for your business

So, you've got your product, sorted your brand, and are setting your business up on WooCommerce. Yep, we get it – you've got hundreds of things to think about. So, let's make one thing simple: choosing the best payments solution for your site.

It’s an important decision. After all, getting your payments offering right is key to the most essential part of doing business: selling goods and making money. The research tells its own story, showing that roughly seven out of every 10 shoppers will abandon an online transaction (even more on mobile) while shopping, losing ecommerce businesses more than €17bn annually.

So, how can payments help? Well, data shows that optimising your checkout can increase conversion by 35%, and it’s crucial to offer your customers’ favourite payment methods to increase sales. Beyond that, you need a payment partner that will integrate effortlessly with your webshop, provide transparent pricing (with no hidden fees), and offer extra benefits to help you grow your business.

In this article, we’ll explain more about how to find that partner and what they should offer. So, here are the things you need to consider when choosing a payment service provider (PSP) for WooCommerce.


What is a payment gateway for WooCommerce?

A payment gateway is a tool that helps you accept payments on your WooCommerce webshop. They are usually provided by a payment provider. Often you use them through a plugin that allows you to quickly accept multiple payment methods and offer the best checkout process possible, which is vital to converting shoppers into paying customers.

How to choose the best payment plugin for WooCommerce

The best WooCommerce payment providers will offer your business the tools needed to convert shoppers and maximise sales. When choosing a PSP, you need to consider a few different factors, including:

– Payment options

– Cost

– Ease of integration

– Security

– Location of PSP (and expertise)

– Other features and support

Payment options

The best payment solution is the one that can help you offer the payment methods your customers want to use. Offering shoppers the payment methods they prefer is key to keeping them happy when they’re checking out and giving them the confidence to make a purchase. They should also allow you to add payment methods to your WooCommerce with just the click of a button. For more, see our guide to the best payment methods for your business.



Comparing costs and fees when choosing a payment processor for your online store is essential. Every PSP will charge transaction fees for the payments they process, and some might even charge monthly fees, set up charges, or take money for other services. The best PSPs offer transparent pricing and don’t charge for failed transactions. They should also provide flexibility by allowing you to sign a flexible contract that means you can leave if you’re unhappy.


If you’re accepting payments, it’s your responsibility to protect your customer’s sensitive information. A good PSP will ensure you comply with the relevant regulations and protect your customer’s data from fraudsters.

Ease of integration

It goes without saying that you will want to start accepting payments as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s why you need to consider how easily a PSP integrates with WooCommerce. Luckily, the best PSPs offer plugins that help you add payments to your WooCommerce store in no time at all.


It’s also worth assessing whether the payment processor’s WooCommerce plugin supports different WooCommerce-specific features like WooCommerce Subscriptions (for recurring payments) and WordPress’s Gutenberg Block Editor. That also shows that the payment gateway can develop and scale with your WooCommerce website.

Check when the plugin you are considering was last updated. Good WordPress and WooCommerce plugins are updated regularly – even monthly – to stay abreast of core updates. It is also a good idea to check the plugin reviews on the WordPress repository or marketplace.

Location of PSP (and expertise)

There’s often more than one good option when looking for a PSP that works with your chosen ecommerce platform. But the great option is the one that has real expertise in the markets you operate in and can help you scale across borders as easily as possible. If you are in Europe, using a PSP with European payments expertise will help you increase sales and make international expansion effortless.

Other features and support

As well as offering the correct payment methods, pricing, and easy integration, a PSP should also provide other benefits and features that can help you succeed. This includes human support that’s always available to help, payment features to increase conversions, and other tools that can help you manage your money and improve what you do.


Redirect vs direct gateways for WooCommerce

It’s worth noting that there are two different types of gateway available when you’re integrating a payment gateway with WooCommerce: redirect and direct.

A redirection gateway is one where a customer needs to leave your site in order to pay. They get sent to an external page to process a payment. A customer is often redirected to the company’s site that manages the gateway.

On the other hand, a direct gateway handles payments on your site only, and a customer doesn’t need to leave your site to process a payment. Your customer will remain in one payment environment from start to finish, removing the need to be redirected between pages and significantly improving conversions and customer trust.


Grow your way with Mollie

At Mollie, we provide all the tools you need to make WooCommerce payments effortless and drive conversions and growth for your business. That includes all the payment methods your customers need and a custom-branded direct gateway for higher conversions and trust.

If you want to accept payments on WooCommerce with Mollie, here’s what we offer:

– 25+ local and global payment methods

– Improved conversion with direct checkout and Mollie Components

– Seamless chargebacks, re-orders, and cancellations

– Transparent pricing with no hidden fees and no lock-in contracts

– Human, multilingual support teams

– Manage payments with the Mollie Dashboard

– Subscription management with WooCommerce Subscriptions

– An out-of-the box WooCommerce Blocks solution

– Localisation features to boost conversion

Start growing your business with Mollie and WooCommerce, or learn more about our effortless payments solution.

Want to know more? You can also check out some of our success stories to see why our customers love using our payments on their WooCommerce webshops.

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