WooCommerce and Mollie: a winning team

The term dream team is defined as ‘a team or group that is ideal in every respect’. It came into common use after roaring fans and bouncing announcers used it to describe the Olympic-gold-winning US basketball team at 1992's Barcelona games (which included the legendary Johnson and Jordan). But dream teams existed before then and have since – even in business.

If you’re running an ecommerce business, you’re likely assembling your very own dream team, and one of its key members is the platform that’s powering your online store. If you’re reading this, then that is or likely will be WooCommerce. But when using WooCommerce, you also need to think about the other squad members that can help power your success – tech partners that will work with your webshop to provide the best possible customer experience to drive sales.

Woo Commerce and Mollie

And so, here’s where the team here at Mollie steps up and tells you that our payments solution is ready to help you win.

This dream team talk might seem a bit much, but there is a central idea in its meaning: *ideal in every respect*. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to work with the best partners to help your business. And as a trusted payment provider that’s already working with more than 130,000 businesses, we know that our WooCommerce payment plugin is an ideal way for ecommerce companies to accept online payments on the platform.

Of course, the best teams don’t label themselves as that, so we won’t do that either. Instead, we’ll let others explain why our WooCommerce payment plugin is right for you. These are the people who know us best; the businesses that we’ve already teamed up with: our customers.

WooCommerce and Mollie: payments done right

Dr. Blend: using Mollie’s support and guidance for European expansion

For Dr. Blend founder Jamahl Schoonhoven, using payments with Mollie was “our first choice when looking for a payment service provider”. As well as powering Dr. Blend’s Woocommerce checkout payments, we’re also there to offer support and guidance to help their expansion across Europe.

Dr. Blend Header Image

“The level of service at Mollie is exceptional,” Schoonhoven explains. “Our dedicated Mollie customer success manager offers me advice and insights about using payments to grow the business. When integrating Apple Pay, Mollie advised how to make sure it worked smoothly instantly. Getting those insights and developing a great relationship with someone at your payment provider is invaluable.”

“Everything is easy,” he adds, “It’s just a few steps to add any integration, and the onboarding is super quick. New products and payment methods are always launching to help us meet customer demand. And, when we were expanding internationally, Mollie really helped us to grow in other countries quickly – you can basically tap a button to offer the payment method that shoppers prefer immediately.”

LOTT.gioielli: using Mollie to perfect their payments strategy

For jewellery brand LOTT.gioielli, we’re simplifying their cross-border commerce expansion and making it effortless to add new payment methods on WooCommerce to increase sales in all markets. As well as helping LOTT.gioielli easily accept credit card and debit card payments, working with us helps them test what works (and doesn’t) to deliver the best customer experience and conversion.

“We chose Mollie because of how easy it is to add payment methods,” explains Marc Teuben, LOTT.gioielli’s MD. “We are expanding to Germany, Belgium, and France, and want to offer the payment methods that are popular there.

LOTT.Gioielli MD Marc Teuben en MM Robin de Kort in hun showroom in Amsterdam.

“With Mollie, you can set payments up in no time. You just turn payment methods on in your dashboard, and off again if it turns out that sales are disappointing. This way we can experiment a bit, seeing what works and what doesn’t.”

“It is great to work with a payment provider that supports our international growth,” adds Robin de Kort, the firm’s marketing manager. “We dream of being active across Europe. With Mollie, we have the right payment solutions for that.”

Ernest Wright: Effortlessly integrating Mollie with WooCommerce

With 120 years of history, Ernest Wright are experts at crafting artisanal handmade scissors. They sell these using a refreshingly simple webshop powered by WooCommerce and Mollie. For Paul Jacobs, the firm’s co-owner, he chose to use Mollie payments due to the fact they are “very easy” to integrate with WooCommerce. In fact, Jacobs has used our integration on six other webshops he’s involved with.

Craftsman holding scissors

Having a broad customer base means Ernest Wright need to be able to offer the best payment methods for each market. As well as adding major methods like credit and debit cards, and WooCommerce PayPal payments, this also includes region-specific payment options such as iDEAL in the Netherlands and SOFORT in Germany.

Jacobs is also a fan of the fact we offer them human support and are always on hand to help them when they need us. “On the one hand, it’s top-notch modern, but it also has a personal touch,” Jacobs explains. “And the personal touches for me are much more important than the last penny. Although I want the last penny as well, of course – but solving the customer’s problem is more important.”

Grow your way with Mollie

So, if you’re looking for another dream team member to make WooCommerce payments effortless and drive conversions and growth for your business, here’s what we offer:

– 25+ local and global payment methods

– Improved conversion with seamless checkout and Mollie Components

– Seamless chargebacks, re-orders, and cancellations

– Transparent pricing with no hidden fees and no lock-in contracts

– Human, multilingual support teams

– Easily manage payments with the Mollie Dashboard

Subscription management with WooCommerce Subscriptions

– Localisation features to boost conversion

Ready to start winning together? Sign up now to start growing your business, or find out more about payments with Mollie.

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