Eco-, gift- and meal vouchers

Mollie lets you easily accept payments in your online shop using Eco-, gift- and meal vouchers—a smart choice for boosting sales and satisfying your customers.

Boost Your Webshop Sales!

E-commerce is growing faster than ever. Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, more people are shopping and ordering food online than ever before. That’s why Mollie now lets you accept payments online using e-vouchers: ecocheques, gift vouchers and meal vouchers.

Gift vouchers: Everybody loves them

We all love receiving a nice gift. Now, Mollie lets your customers redeem gift certificates when placing an order on your webshop. Popular gift vouchers like Monizze and the Sodexo cadeau pass are sure to increase sales and help you grow your business.

Easily integrate gift vouchers into your CMS or using the Mollie API. Integrations are available for:

EcoCheques: Going green with eco vouchers

Mollie lets you accept employer-issued EcoCheques, such as Monizze eco vouchers and the Sodexo Eco Pass. Now, customers can purchase eco-friendly products from your shop and benefit from a convenient online payment experience. Good news for your customer, your business and the environment!

Meal vouchers: Who’s hungry?

More people are ordering food online now than ever before. Benefit from this fast-growing trend by accepting food vouchers through Mollie! Now, your customers can conveniently order food and meals with popular supermarket vouchers and meal vouchers, including Monizze and the Sodexo Lunch Pass.

Marek Piepers
e-Commerce Manager GameMania

Customers can use their eco vouchers at GameMania for purchasing consoles and games – since they are valid on our compete USED assortment. Thanks to Mollie, we will soon be able to accept the eco vouchers in both our physical stores as well as our webshop.