Ask Phill

Ons succes in e-commerce stelt ons in staat andere gave projecten op ons te nemen.

Martijn co-founder of Ask Phil.

Ask Phil was created because it managed to surprise companies with innovative ideas. However, the founders come to the conclusion that their ideas are too broad. ''We really did everything.'' When there was a lot of demand for e-commerce platforms in 2017, this was the focus. Yet they cannot resist innovating. ''To make our Parfumado platform a success, we developed a recurring payment solution with iDEAL for Shopify.''

Ask Phill works from a fantastic office in the heart of Amsterdam.

Ask Phill bouwt webshops op het Shopify platform en heeft zich ontwikkeld tot officieel Shopify Expert. Het is een gestroomlijnd proces geworden, waardoor ze veel partijen aan zich weten te binden, zoals Lil’ Kleine. Maar daar blijft het niet bij. “Ons succes in e-commerce stelt ons in staat om andere gave projecten op ons te nemen. Zo werden we benaderd door een partij die parfum op abonnementsbasis in Nederland uit wilde rollen.” Dit werd Parfumado, een subscription service voor parfum. Elke maand kies je als gebruiker een ander parfum, dat je via automatische incasso voor een vast, laag bedrag per maand afrekent.

“At Parfumado we are more than a webshop builder. Because we like the concept so much, we have become a partner and we do branding, design, online marketing and development. We have set up the platform in such a way that it is tangible and inspiring for the user.” And with success, because within a year Parfumado has 10,000 active users, who all pay €15 per month. More creative solutions using this recurring payment system are coming in the near future.

De ervaring voor de eindgebruiker

However, this success did not come by itself, as there was only an option for recurring credit card payments in ecommerce platform Shopify. “If you want to make this a success in the Netherlands, iDEAL is crucial. That is why we have developed an app that opens as soon as you choose iDEAL as the payment method. For the customer, this is virtually unobtrusive.”

We have developed an app that opens as soon as you choose iDEAL as payment method. This is virtually unobtrusive for the customer.

Martijn Wijsmuller Co-founder of Ask Phill

Why did Ask Phil choose Shopify when the payment solution was yet to be built? “We have looked into the different platforms out there. Ultimately, the end-user experience is the most important and Shopify stands head and shoulders above the rest. We ended up at Mollie in a similar way.”

Een enorm verschil met andere aanbieders

“Betalingen zijn geen sexy product, het moet gewoon goed werken.” Toch zijn er voor Ask Phill meer argumenten om exclusief met Mollie te werken. “Als Digital Agency zijn we experts in design. Voor ons en onze klanten is het heel belangrijk hoe het eruit ziet. Bij Mollie is dat fantastisch geregeld; de site, de checkout, de systemen erachter. Een enorm verschil met andere aanbieders. Bovendien wordt er bij Mollie volop meegedacht. Óók als je nog maar een startup bent. We kregen zelfs een budget om de overstap naar Mollie zo makkelijk mogelijk te maken. Ten slotte is ook de prijs een belangrijke overweging.”

The step-by-step plan that a customer receives from Ask Phill at the start states as standard: create an account with Mollie for your payments. “We don’t just say that, it is based on our own experience. After all, we are also a customer with Parfumado ourselves. This does not only apply to the standard rates, Mollie even makes a big difference for the cancellation costs. We did not take this into account in the first place. You think: someone places an order and pays for it. But despite this, many people reverse the recurring payment. Every time that happens you have to pay reversal costs. That can be quite expensive, but thanks to Mollie this too remains under control So there are plenty of reasons to work with Mollie.”

At Mollie, there is plenty to think about. Even if you are just a startup.

Martijn Wijsmuller Co-founder of Ask Phill

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