Hier lees je het laatste nieuws over Mollie en de wereld van online betalen - ons product, de trends, samenwerkingen en evenementen.

Product in de spotlight: Mollie Capital

Our spotlight series highlights products, features, and plug-ins that we offer to help you increase sales and drive growth. This edition focuses on how our customisable checkout increases conversions and creates a seamless payment experience for your customers.

Product in de spotlight: gepersonaliseerde checkout 

In onze nieuwe reeks “Product in de spotlight” zetten we elke maand een product, feature of plug-in in de kijker. In deze editie zoomen we in op Mollie Checkout, en hoe je die feature kunt gebruiken om de checkoutpagina van je webshop te personaliseren.

De people factor in e-commerce

Brands, resources and people. Three powerful factors that turn an e-commerce project around. Or sputter. Sure, the technological foundation is important, but let’s not underestimate the human factor above all.

Product in de spotlight: de Mollie App

In our new “Product in the Spotlight” series, we’ll be highlighting a different product, feature or plug-in each month. For this first edition, we’re zooming in on the Mollie App.

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