Features overview

Timesaving, moneymaking. With personalized payments, clearer overviews, easier accounting you get to decide how you manage your payment process. Our features help you fit your payments to your needs.


Start immediately

Get paid today, thanks to our efficient onboarding and procedures.

Personal advice

With an account manager you are just one phone call away from personal advice.

Highest industry standards

Mollie was created and grown by developers, making sure we’re on top of industry developments.

Only pay for what you use

With Mollie you only pay, a transparent and low fee, for every successful transaction.

Choose to stay

We put the freedom of our customers first, providing them with flexible contracts.

Partner programme

Extended partner program with access to unique features to make payments better together.


Localised payments

Create a local experience for your international customers.


Your customers have the freedom to pay with their preferred currency.

One contract

Access all major payment methods with a single contract.

Fraud monitoring

Feel secure with smart fraud monitoring on all your payments.

One-click payments

Give your customers low effort payments resulting in higher conversions.

Recurring payments

Everyone is different, create a payment plan that fits your business.

Dynamic 3D secure

Safer payments with dynamic 3D secure on credit card payments.

PCI-DSS level 1 certified

You’ll sleep better knowing your payment data is in good hands.

Mobile friendly

Wherever you go, payment screens are optimized with automatic device detection.



Working together becomes easy, with (restricted) access for the whole team.

Refunds made easy

Stay on top of things by easily processing and keeping track of refunds in your Dashboard.

Real-time accounting

A detailed overview of your payment reports, easily exported to your accounting software.

On every device

Whether you’re at the office or on the go, every aspect from Dashboard is compatible.

Payment details

With the detailed payment history in Dashboard, you are always up to date.

Analyse everything

Get detailed information or compare data at a glance with the extensive graphs.


Test environment

Before you start, you can easily test your payment integration with our convenient testing mode.

Plug & Play

All our plugins are integrated with just a few clicks, no technical experience needed.

Technical support

Free technical support from our developers and support team is just a phone call away.

Single API

Because Mollie runs on a single API, we can focus less on maintenance and more on customer experience.

Versioned API changes

We update our API frequently, but no matter the update, integrations will always stay compatible.

High quality integrations

Getting paid was never this easy with our Open Source and easily integrated plugins.


Daily settlement

You choose when you get your money; control your cash flow and get daily settlements for free.

Accounting software

Accounting becomes easy with integrations for automatic reconciliation and convenient exports.

Insightful reports

You’re always well-informed with the clear reports on your payments and payment costs.

Grow your business.

Always secure.