How to choose the best payment solution for fashion ecommerce stores

Running an online fashion business can be demanding at the best of times, but now with consistent supply chain issues, the cost of living increasing, and the cost of refunds on the rise, it’s more challenging than ever. But teaming up with partners that you can trust and rely on is a great way to overcome these challenges.

At Mollie, our aim is to be an essential partner that your company can trust. We do that with our effortless payments solution, which helps your ecommerce store easily accept multiple payment methods and increase conversion. We also offer a range of other benefits to help you drive growth.

Getting the right fit for your business

The fashion industry is dynamic, with constantly changing trends and styles, and unique products that help customers express themselves. And you need a payment service provider that reflects your business. Before we dive into how we work, let’s take a look at what a good payment service provider should offer.

What is a payment gateway in the fashion industry?

A payment service provider acts as the central cog in the fashion ecommerce system. The payment gateway enables online businesses to accept credit card, debit card, and digital wallet payments (Apple Pay, PayPal etc) by connecting them to a broader financial infrastructure and acting as the centre for all past and current payment information.

In fashion, your customers only focus on purchasing their chosen product or products, and expect the payment process to be fast, easy, and include their preferred choice of payment method. A modern payment solution provider should give you one integration to all major payment providers, one simple contract, and security taken extremely seriously.

At Mollie, we offer everything a modern payment service provider should, and more. We’re always busy improving our products, so our fashion ecommerce partners can continue to adapt to new consumer trends.

Mollie Dashboard - Fashion Ecommerce Payment Provider

What’s Mollie’s style? How does it work?

Just like you seek out the best new styles and trends for your customer base, we genuinely seek out what’s best for our customers and partners. All the latest integrations and payment methods will be there to support your growth, all you have to do is set up an account – for free.

Choose your ecommerce payment methods

Once you’ve activated your account and entered your organisation’s details, you can start accepting a range of payment methods. We support all major ecommerce payment methods, from iDEAL and PayPal to credit card and Apple Pay. You can add your chosen payment methods with just one click.

Showcase your brand

You need to showcase your brand throughout your customer’s journey, and payment gateways are no different. Customers are less likely to proceed with a payment if they see an unrecognisable brand during the checkout process, increasing the chance they’ll abandon their cart and potentially harming the trust they have in your business.

When you add Mollie payments to your ecommerce fashion shop, you’ll have the opportunity to turn the standard payment form into a professional, on-brand experience that inspires trust and drives conversions.

Enjoy everyday increased efficiency

All our payment methods, combined with our straightforward Dashboard and transparent pricing, help our customers to stay competitive, matching and even exceeding the checkout experience digital giants are able to deliver.

The payment solution trusted by thousands of fashion retailers

​​At Mollie, we provide an effortless payments solution to more than 130,000 businesses, including SaaS platforms, digital agencies and most importantly for you, ecommerce businesses.

Integrations with only the best ecommerce platforms

As an established fashion business, it’s likely you’ve found your preferred ecommerce platform. We’re proud to be able to offer businesses a range of integrations, including an ever-growing list of CMS platform integrations. They offer a frictionless, quick set up for businesses, and create an effortless payment experience for your customers.

One of our best, frequently requested platform integrations is Magento. It’s one of the top ecommerce platforms in the UK, the US, and is growing around the world. Our simple plugin with Magento allows you to start processing payments quickly.

We also offer integrations with other ecommerce platform giants such as WooCommerce, Wix, and Prestashop. Another one of our upcoming favourites for online shops is BigCommerce, due to its user-friendly interface, built-in SEO features, and ability to scale as your business grows.

Seamless checkout experience for fashion ecommerce Snag

Case study: Snag Tights

Snag tights began in 2015 as a progressive brand wanting to offer tights for every body type. After years of research and iterations, they launched a pure ecommerce, direct-to-consumer online fashion shop that exploded into a £2 million a month business in 2021.

We helped Snag offer their European customers a seamless checkout experience (in their chosen language) and all the payment methods they love to use. Originally Snag’s conversion rate was about 4%. This went up to 8% when the sites were in their customers’ native language and increased by a further 2% with the switch to Mollie.

How does Mollie compare?

We share similarities with other payment service providers, but we also have significant differences. If you’re an online fashion shop that signed up to your legacy payment service provider a few years ago, you may be missing out on some key modern features that are giving your competitors an advantage. Let’s have a look.

More ways to pay

We support all major ecommerce payment methods. Offering one or two payment methods is outdated and could cost your business sales. When shoppers want a simple, fast, secure checkout experience, they choose Apple Pay. Some payment service providers don’t give you this option, which means your customers might most likely look elsewhere for their clothes. Choosing Mollie means you can delight your customers with Apple Pay and watch your conversion rate rise.

Increased conversion rates

When customers are offered a variety of payment options at checkout, they are more likely to find a payment method that suits their needs. That means they’re more likely to complete their purchase. Optimising your payment services with Mollie can increase your conversion rate, boosting your revenue.

Some legacy payment service providers aren’t optimised to drive conversions; they lack easy-to-use payment methods that make buying online as simple as possible. It’s time to take back control of your conversion rate and give your customers the payment options they need.

Easy to understand pricing

Here at Mollie, we offer transparent pricing and all of your chosen payment methods through one contract. We also offer a pay-as-you-go model, so you only pay for successful transactions. This gives your business the flexibility and scalability it needs.

‘White glove’ support

At Mollie we like to focus on you. We work with a range of partners, from established mid-market fashion businesses to small local firms that are starting out with a unique idea. In day-to-day operations, we know that a technical glitch can make or break a day of successful sales.

Our laser-focused approach to your online fashion business means we’re able to give you a level of service that will help you drive growth. Need help with a technical issue? Need to discuss a new implementation? With Mollie, there’s no complex chat boxes and knowledge hubs; our team is only a phone call away.

Get started with Mollie today

Here at Mollie, we provide an effortless payment solution for fashion ecommerce shops, so you can sell more clothes and worry less. We’ll do your payments, and we’ll do more than payments too. We provide a range of features that can help your business through periods of growth and thrive in periods of uncertainty.

Try our fashion payment gateway for free. No lock-in contract, no hidden fees. Simply sign up and create your account today.

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