The best payment solution for your automotive ecommerce business

The automotive industry is constantly shifting gears. Supply chain issues, new consumer demands, and challenging delays mean that automotive ecommerce businesses are having to adapt quickly. Yet, at the same time, the industry is racing forward, with sustainable cars, in-car payments and new business models being adopted.

In these times of perpetual change and shifting consumer behaviour, having a payment service provider that grows with your business is essential. At Mollie, our mission is to simplify financial services for all, including the automotive ecommerce industry. Read on to find out how we will go above and beyond for your automotive business.

Finding the key payment parts for your online car shop

As an automotive merchant, it can be difficult to find a payment service provider that integrates with the other parts of your business. You need something that integrates with your ERP, CRM, and inventory management systems.

Finding a payment solution that works seamlessly with the other parts of your business can be difficult. That’s why it’s really important to understand, or to revisit, what a payment solution is and what it should offer your business.

What is a payment solution in automotive ecommerce?

Almost every online business uses a payment gateway to accept payments – including global and local payment methods. They make sure that payments work seamlessly, enhancing the customer experience and your business’s reputation, as well as giving you a platform to manage all of your past transactions.

An automotive ecommerce business needs a payment service provider (PSP) that offers this, and more. Your chosen PSP should support your business, not eat away your hard-earned profits. You need a solution that’s easy to integrate with your systems and customisable so you can showcase your brand. It should make your business run more efficiently and work through one simple, easy-to-manage contract.

Do low transaction fees, easy integrations and flexible contracts sound like a dream come true? Whether you’re running a small online car parts business or work for a larger online automotive company dealing with tens of thousands of payments each day, the team at Mollie is here to help.

Mollie Dashboard - Automotive Ecommerce Payment Provider

How does Mollie work?

Our aim is to boost your business; we’ve been a pioneer in the payments industry since 2004, helping our partners easily accept multiple payment methods, increase conversions, and drive growth with a range of advanced features. Let’s take a look at what we can offer your automotive ecommerce business.

Frictionless set up and integration

Our account set up process can be done in 10 simple steps – no longguides or modules that require lots of technical knowledge to get you started.

Wondering whether we integrate with your current software? Well, we’ve got hundreds of integrations that make it easy for your automotive ecommerce platform to connect Mollie payments. But if you’ve got something even more specific, our payment links and Payment API allows your developers to easily integrate Mollie’s services into your existing software. That means you can focus more on what payment methods you’d like to offer and less on any challenging migration of software.

Multiple payment methods at low prices

Once you’ve activated your account and integrated Mollie, you can offer your customers a range of leading payment methods. We support all major ecommerce payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay; you’ll only ever pay per transaction, and only for successful transactions, too. Simply toggle which payment methods you want, when you want. All with no hidden fees or lock-in contracts.

Enjoy incredible security and features

It’s great giving your customers plenty of payment options to choose from, but security is always top of mind when accepting payments. Offering robust security ensures your customers trust in you, and that’s why we take security extremely seriously. We are fully PCI-DSS level 1 certified, and comply fully with the European Banking Authority’s Guidelines and more. This means you can sit back and relax knowing that your payments are secure from day one.

The payment solution trusted by thousands of automotive ecommerce businesses

At Mollie, we work with tens of thousands of different brands, offering effortless payment solutions to more than 130,000 businesses worldwide, including Mazda and Q-Park.

Save time and effort with hundreds of integrations

If you want to switch to a new payment provider but feel locked in by your current vendor, we’ve made it easy to start with Mollie. That includes plugins and integrations for all leading ecommerce platforms, accounting software, and other tech tools that simplify doing business.

For example, we have a plugin with the accounting tool Xero, which is easily hooked up with our bank feed API. We’ll feed your payments into that, meaning that you’ll save significant time and effort, as you don’t have to feed these into two entirely different systems.


Case study: Mazda

We’re thrilled to be providing effortless payments for Mazda Motor Europe. They wanted to develop an innovative solution that will disrupt the automotive industry, and understood the future of online sales lies in marketplaces. Our Connect for Platforms product has helped create a marketplace that allows them to scale new products and guarantee that payments are sent to the correct regional dealer.

This digitalisation of automotive retail gives Mazda dealerships peace of mind that they’re using a compliant, fully automated payment solution with localised customer support. We’re so excited to be able to be a part of this innovative next step for the automotive industry, as ultimately it will inspire growth in our other automotive ecommerce partners. Learn more about our partnership with Mazda.

How does Mollie compare to the competition?

Mollie offers an all-in-one solution for online businesses and can provide a seamless switchover from your old service. Your automotive ecommerce business will be able to accept payments, send invoices, and track finances all in one place. But what more can we do for you?

Mollie doesn’t charge for failed transactions

Naturally, the automotive industry has high average orders. Sometimes it’s just not possible for a customer to go through with their order, and the payment fails in one way or another. At Mollie, we don’t charge you for those failed transactions. You’ll only ever pay for successful transactions, which can be a massive advantage in today’s climate.

Get paid quicker

You decide when you receive your money with Mollie. You can change the payout date and frequency in your Mollie account, free of charge. By default, we pay you twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays and the first business day of the month. Your payout frequency options depend on what payment methods you use.

Responsive, local support

In December 2021, we surveyed 500 SMEs to discover what they loved and didn’t love about their current payment service provider. Slow response times, inappropriate communication methods, and outstanding unresolved issues were some of the top pain points. Sound familiar?

At Mollie, we offer responsive, local support teams across Europe so that we’re always there for you when you need us. As well as helping you problem solve, we can also offer guidance and insights to help you drive growth and improve what you do.

Get a head start with Mollie

Here at Mollie, we support more than 130,000 European businesses with effortless payments, and in 2021 we expanded our focus to also support UK businesses. We understand how important payments are to a successful ecommerce automotive business and we aim to support you with an effortless online payments solution.

Advanced integrations, multiple payment methods, and a conversion-optimised checkout are all just a click away. Get started today with our simple sign up page, or if your business processes over £50,000 per month contact our sales team.

Get better payments now.