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For online retailers, the ecommerce checkout process, design and flow can be a cause of stress and celebration. When the checkout page design and payment method mix is just right, customers love you. When something goes wrong or conversions plummet, you might feel powerless.

Getting the checkout experience right is essential to turning shoppers into customers. Online shopping shouldn’t be complex, and this is especially true when it comes to making an online payment. Here at Mollie, we think some of the best ecommerce checkout solutions can be found by understanding what works for others. And as payments specialists, we’re dedicated to helping our customers refine their payments strategy and understand the payment options they need.

So, here we’re highlighting some inspirational Mollie customers that have customer-friendly ecommerce checkouts. And by following these examples, you can give shoppers every reason to buy and return.

Snag – offering a truly localised experience (and payment methods)

Snag checkout

Ecommerce companies need to get their payment method mix just right. Offering the right payment options to customers is crucial to driving conversions. Every consumer has a favourite payment method, so it’s vital to provide the ones they prefer – especially when selling internationally.

Studies show that companies using localised payment methods boost revenue by 69%.

Sustainable fashion brand Snag initially focused on the UK market, but the EU now accounts for one-third of their sales. They invest a lot in refining their customer experience, which has helped them secure a Trustpilot score of an impressive 4.8.

Snag is an excellent example of why offering a localised experience when expanding internationally is paramount. Introducing local languages to their checkout with Mollie helped double their conversion rate from 4% to 8%. They then added local payment methods, which increased it to 10%.

It’s great to have localised payment methods, currencies, and languages, but you can even go one further. How? Show only the relevant payment methods for your market. With Mollie, you can choose the payment methods that are shown at checkout for each market. This helps increase conversion and checkout speed.

Mollie tip: Think about having payment method mixes specific to your markets. Make sure customers see prices in their local currency when checking out.

Dr Blend and Torfs – creating a seamless checkout experience

Torfs checkout

In ecommerce, the checkout experience is a huge conversion booster. Brands with beautiful websites that send customers to badly designed or complex checkouts are losing sales. And providing a branded, seamless, and personalised checkout experience is a must.

Another key thing is to reduce friction by showing customers the correct payment methods first (see above). And refine your customer journey to keep them in the ecommerce checkout flow as much as possible.

Juice and detox experts Dr Blend displays Apple Pay at the beginning of the checkout process. This means customers can pay without inputting all their details (as Apple has them already). By reducing the number of clicks, they increase conversion: fewer clicks, higher conversion.

Belgian shoe retailer Torfs is another example of how a checkout optimised for conversion can boost sales. They display a Bancontact QR code in the checkout so shoppers can pay immediately.

These are two examples of brands reducing friction to make paying as easy as possible. Remember to create an ‘unhappy’ checkout flow to refine your customer’s journey when a payment fails. This could happen when a consumer doesn’t have sufficient funds on a particular card. Message your customer to explain what went wrong and why it happened. We offer features to help you with this.

Mollie tip: Using QR codes is also a great way to help people switch from browsing on desktop to buying with their smartphone.

Ysé and Respire – using ecommerce platforms to excel

Respire checkout

Creating a custom-built webshop is a great way to retain control when building your business, but it can be expensive and time-consuming. Instead, working with ecommerce platforms can help reduce costs and simplify the process. But using a platform can also influence how your checkout looks and works.

Some ecommerce platforms have certain restrictions (such as not allowing integrated payment pages), which can impact conversion. But we see that the best businesses find opportunities in these limitations. With Mollie, we offer a range of integrations with leading ecommerce platforms – WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and more – to help you with this.

Yse checkout

Ysé and Respire’s webshops use the platform’s restrictions as benefits. They use the checkout flow to reassure customers about safety, even highlighting different logos to emphasise security.

Ysé uses the payment flow that their customers go through on their webshop to highlight other products to customers. We saw an increase in conversion at both these brands based on adding these elements to their checkouts.

Mollie tip: When choosing a platform to work with, assess the investment it will take to manage and optimise your webshop. Take the time to understand how it will affect your checkout.

Roeckl – using a payment service provider to grow and modernise

Roeckl checkout

Luxury accessories brand Roeckl is a German firm that was established in 1839. That longevity is perfect proof of their retail expertise. That long-term success is also powered by their work to constantly modernise the business to drive continuous success.

Roeckl traditionally used point-of-sale methods to sell their goods. But as online became top of mind, they realised they needed to change. They wanted to focus on mobile payments, and looked for a partner who could help with that. And after a decision-making process they came to Mollie from a traditional credit card acquirer.

Using Magento 2, they offer the relevant payment methods for the German market – PayPal, Klarna, credit cards. They work with Mollie and another third-party agency to integrate technology to help deliver a seamless checkout and payment experience.

It’s interesting to note that ‘win mobile’ was a mission that the whole brand invested in from the top of the organisation down. That focus has helped them support, implement, and deliver a remarkable customer experience and drive growth through mobile commerce.

Mollie tip: Make sure your checkout is responsive and optimised for all devices, including phones and tablets.

Offer a seamless checkout experience to your ecommerce customers

At Mollie, we’re always thinking about checkout conversion and reviewing what we do to help our customers drive sales. That’s why our hosted payment page is optimised for conversion and delivers a seamless customer experience. We also offer a range of payment features and leading and localised payment methods to drive growth. Discover more about payments with Mollie.

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