Product spotlight: customising your Mollie Checkout

Our spotlight series highlights products, features, and plug-ins that we offer to help you increase sales and drive growth.

This edition focuses on how our customisable checkout increases conversions and creates a seamless payment experience for your customers.

Create a custom checkout with Mollie

Picture this scene: you've just found the perfect pair of shoes after spending almost an hour scouring the internet. They’re just what you were looking for and are being sold on a reassuringly professional-looking webshop. What's more, they're on sale for a very tempting price.

Everything looks good, so although your finger lingers over the checkout button momentarily, you decide you can't pass this deal up. You click the button and get ready to check out. 

But wait. 

Suddenly, you're on a page that looks nothing like the webshop you were on just a moment ago: there's no logo, the colours are wrong. Something seems off.  

What do you do? What do most people do? Shut down that checkout page as quickly as possible. Keep the cash safe and sound, and look for shoes another day. 

Unfortunately, this happens all the time.

Why? Because trust is vital in ecommerce – especially when it comes to payments. 

In fact, our data shows that payment security concerns are the second-biggest reason for checkout cart abandonment, with 54% of shoppers saying it causes them to drop out of a sale.

And by sending a customer to a payment page that looks different from the site they've just been browsing, you can easily lose their trust.

This is where the Mollie Checkout can help. It allows you to create a personalised, superior payments experience that's built to increase conversion and delight your customers. Let’s explore what it can offer you.

The benefits of customising your checkout with Mollie:

  1. You create a consistent brand experience 

Shoppers get to know your brand style as they browse your site. So ensuring that your payment screen feels like an extension of your brand isn't just important – it's essential.

  1. You create trust 

The checkout is often the last touchpoint a shopper has with your brand. So imagine how they feel when you suddenly send them to a page that looks unfamiliar, even suspicious. It's like turning down a dark alley and worrying about what’s going to happen next.

By branding your checkout page, these problems disappear. Your customers feel secure about their route; they recognise what's around them and feel confident to take their next steps. You've earned their trust and left them feeling positive about their journey with you.

  1. You increase conversion

So, what does that trust and positivity mean for your business? Happier customers, of course. But as importantly, more sales for you. 

By branding your checkout, you help your customers feel safe and secure throughout their shopping experience. And that means they're more likely to complete their payment at the end of it.  

So, a customisable checkout is a surefire way to increase your conversion. 

How to customise your checkout with Mollie

With Mollie Checkout, you can create a customised checkout page for any webshop you operate. That includes editing the logo and background of each payment page. You can even change the colour of your checkout’s buttons.

Want to know what your customised Mollie checkout could look like? Find out using our product demo.

Already a Mollie customer? Here's how to customise your checkout:

  • Step 1: Log in to your Mollie Dashboard
  • Step 2: Go to Settings > Website profiles
  • Step 3: Choose Personalise Checkout 
  • Step 4: Choose the colour you want to use for the payment button and add your logo and background.

The customisable checkout is available to all our customers.

Get better payments now.