Product in the spotlight: Mollie Terminal


Our spotlight series highlights products, features, and plug-ins that we offer to help you increase sales and drive growth. This edition focuses on Mollie Terminal, our latest point-of-sale solution.

What is Mollie Terminal?

Mollie Terminal is our newest solution for in-person payments.

Around half of all Mollie customers have a physical store  in addition to their webshop. With the launch of Terminal, our goal is to serve the growing demand from businesses for a single integrated solution for online and in-person payments.

Currently, Mollie Terminal is available for customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

How can Mollie Terminal make your life easier?

1. One platform for all your payments

With the launch of Terminal, Mollie allows businesses to connect online payments and point-of-sale payments through a single integration and manage them through the same platform. 

Terminal connects directly to your POS system and uses the same API you use to link your e-commerce platform to Mollie. As a result, you no longer need two separate providers. 

You can also link Mollie Terminal to your accounting software, SaaS platform and e-commerce platform. We already have integrations with SaaS partners providing everything from ticketing to food ordering systems, as well as ecommerce platform integrations, and we’re adding support for more all the time. Check out some of our existing integrations here

2. Simplified reconciliation

Traditional payment terminal providers typically do not provide a link between online and offline sales channels. Forcing businesses to process in-person payments through a separate provider and process, making it a time-consuming and labour-intensive job to match orders and transactions at the end of the day. 

With Mollie’s omnichannel solution, your administration and accounting becomes much simpler. The typical, manual reconciliation of physical transactions is done automatically and is fully integrated with your accounting software. This gives you as a company more time to focus on what really matters: your business.

3. All insights in your Mollie Dashboard

With one provider for online and in-person payments, tracking transactions also becomes a lot easier: all payments are collected in your Mollie Dashboard. At the end of the day, you will see the revenue you processed via your terminal(s) in the Mollie Dashboard alongside the transactions processed via your webshop.

In the Dashboard, you can access all reports, carry out  refunds, and reconcile payments from all channels. There you can also order a new payment terminal and manage existing devices.

4. Plug & play

The Mollie Terminal arrives  pre-configured by our experts so you can get started right away, without any installation. Simply remove the device from the packaging, connect to a wireless network (or use the 4G connection) and you are ready to receive payments.

What our customers say about Mollie Terminal

Holiday park De IJsvogel was one of the first customers to test Mollie Terminal. We asked co-owner Mark Wichers about his experiences with the POS device. This was  his response:

"By managing both online and in-person payments through one partner, you can work faster and more efficiently. Cash differences or errors when entering payment details  are a thing of the past thanks to Mollie Terminal. You can integrate the payment terminal quickly and easily, and the connection is flawless." - Mark Wichers, co-owner of De IJsvogel.

Click here to read the full testimonial. 

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