Product in the Spotlight: Teams

Our spotlight series highlights products, features, and plug-ins that we offer to help you increase sales and drive growth. This edition focuses on how you can use Mollie Teams to improve collaboration in your business and keep it running smoothly.

What is Mollie Teams?

Do you want to empower your team members to manage transactions? And give yourself more time to focus on other parts of your business?

Now you can. 

With our Teams feature, you can easily add team members to your Mollie account in the Dashboard or Mollie App. In fact, you can assign different roles to each user to carry out specific tasks. That means you can also control what information they can access.

Using Teams, you can assign five roles with different capabilities and permissions. These are the roles you can choose:

  • Administrator: Can view all information – including business statistics, API keys, and financial data – and perform all actions, including payment, refund, order, account, and customer management.
  • Developer: Can access almost all your transaction information and manage refunds and developed applications.
  • Finance: Can view almost all transactions and financial information but only manage refunds.
  • Support: Can view almost all transaction information but only manage refunds and orders.
  • View only: Can view almost all transaction information but can't perform any actions.

Team members can also download the Mollie App, where – depending on their role – they can access data, create payment requests, arrange refunds, and manage orders.

Only account owners can add, manage, or delete users.

For detailed information on the permissions for each role, please visit our Help Centre.

How can Teams make your life easier?

Stay in control of your business

You decide what information and actions your team members can view and perform. You can change these permissions at any time.

Work together as a team

With teams, you can assign multiple team members different roles from one Mollie account. This gives you peace of mind knowing they'll always be someone to track and manage your payments and financial processes.

Provide access to specific information 

With a choice of five different roles, you can ensure all your team members can access the data they need while keeping confidential information private.

Whether you organize events or run a pop-up shop, payment links suit businesses in all sectors. Here are some of the companies that use them:

  • B2B and B2C companies that send out invoices and want to cut out payment errors.
  • Doctors or dentists that want to add a payment link or QR code to invoices.
  • Travel businesses for hotel reservations or car rental payments.
  • Event companies for ticket payments or purchases made during the event. 
  • Businesses and solopreneurs that only take payments occasionally, such as pop-up shops, personal trainers, or freelancers.
  • Businesses that are often on the road and want to take payments at different locations, such as food trucks.

In short: payment links are suitable for any business that wants customers to pay quickly, easily, and securely.

How to start using Teams

Want to add a team member, change permissions, or delete a user? Follow our step-by-step guide to get started.

You can add a team member in your Mollie Dashboard. That person will then receive an email containing a link to create an account or log in. The link is valid for 24 hours. 

You can always edit your team's permissions in your Mollie Dashboard settings. This way, you can change what actions a team member can perform and the information they can access.

Learn more about Mollie Teams

Want to discover more about Mollie Teams or start using it in your business? Visit our Help Center for more information.

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