Simplify your accounting

Did you know that an entrepreneur loses on average 7.5 hours a month on administration? You might prefer to spend that time on what really matters: running your business. To make bookkeeping easier for our customers, we joined forces with Exact, the expert in accounting software.

Tips & tricks for bookkeeping

In this series of tutorials we will share tips and tricks for simplifying your bookkeeping. You will learn which reports you can download in the Mollie Dashboard and how to include those data in your accounting. But you will also discover how the right accounting software can make your life as an entrepreneur easier.

Make accounting easy with the right software

Want to make your accounting process more efficient and simple? Then the right software can make a big difference. Of course, cost and ease of use are essential in finding the most suitable tool for your business. But other factors also play a role in the decision-making process. What is the added value of accounting software? What specifically can you use the software for? And how can such a tool make your life easier as an entrepreneur? Together with Exact, we will help you make the right choice.

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