In-person payments

Offer the best in-person payment experience

Deliver seamless in-person payments with a point-of-sale solution built for your business. Manage all transactions from one place and simplify any operation wherever you sell.

Connect all your payments with Mollie
A single, unified platform
Manage all online and in-person payments in one place.
Effortless reconciliation
Simplify reconciliation and reporting with the Mollie Dashboard.
Flexible POS systems
Use a point-of-sale solution that meets your unique business needs.

Take card, QR code, and tap-and-go payments

Plug and play – no set up required

Offer global and local payment methods and wallets

Explore our point-of-sale solutions
Simplify in-person payments with the intuitive Mollie Terminal. Set it up with just a click and connect all your online and in-person payments in one integration.
Tap to Pay on Android
Offer customers a fast and easy way to pay on Android devices. With Tap to Pay, you can accept contactless in-person payments with any compatible NFC phone or tablet. 
QR codes and payment links
Get paid quickly – anywhere you need to. Offer simplified payments and the best in-person payment experience using QR codes in the Mollie app. Sell anywhere with payment links.
Find the right solution for your business
Online and in-person business running or multiple stores.
Ideal for retail businesses, food and beverage, and booking platforms.
Get better payments now.