Acceptance & Risk

Prevent fraud, optimise conversion.

Protect your business and boost your revenue with intelligent optimisation tools and customisable fraud prevention solutions.

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Protect your business

Detect and prevent fraud using advanced machine learning algorithms

Maximise acceptance

Increase conversion by removing friction for your customers

Insights and guidance

Optimise your business with advanced analytics and expert support.

Detect and stop fraud. Always stay protected.

Don’t worry about fraud again. Use machine learning algorithms to block fraudulent transactions and screen every payment to protect your business and customers.

  • Stop fraudulent payments before they complete
  • Screen every transaction using advanced algorithms
  • Build block lists to stop scammers from targeting your business

Optimise conversion and sell more

Reduce friction for customers and win more sales using tools tailored to your business, including Dynamic 3DS, intelligent fraud screening, and configurable risk controls.

  • Use Dynamic 3DS to optimise conversion
  • Create a seamless payment experience for trusted customers
  • Customise your risk controls to maximise sales

Advanced fraud insights with expert support

Get advanced analytics and insights to drive growth. Get expert guidance to build the best fraud and risk rules for your business.

  • View comprehensive payment data to increase sales
  • Access insights and tailored recommendations to fine-tune performance
  • Get priority support from dedicated fraud specialists

Compare features

Features Card processingAcceptance & Risk
Fraud screening using machine learning
Dynamic 3DS  for low value payments
Dynamic 3DS for high value payments
Acceptance funnel analytics understand your payment conversion
Authentication analytics see how Mollie optimises your payment acceptance
Fraud analytics see where you’ve been protected against fraud
Risk assessment for each transaction, including insights to improve protection
Risk controls choose to optimise conversion or always enforce 3DS
Configurable risk controls to maximise acceptance for higher value and elevated risk payments
Trust lists ensure seamless experience for trusted customers
Block lists prevent fraudsters from making payments

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