Grow your way with Mollie

We are Mollie, a finance industry pioneer and one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintechs. We believe that every business has the right to grow, and that drives us to create products that simplify financial services – effortless payments, flexible financing, powerful integrations, and more.

Mollie was founded in Amsterdam.
The number of businesses using our financial services to power growth.
Mollie employees working across Europe, including in the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, and Belgium.
Products and features designed to help any business succeed.

Growth is our ethos. It’s rooted in our products, embedded in our culture, and powers our mission to become the world’s most loved financial service provider.

Our mission is more than just words. It inspires us to seek what’s best for our customers, partners, and people. Our commitment is to our customers’ growth, and we designed our easy-to-use payments solution and financial services to help any business succeed.

What do we offer? Effortless payments, seamless checkout, multiple payment methods, powerful integrations, fast and flexible financing, robust security, an advanced dashboard and app – and even more. 

What do our customers get? All the tools needed to drive growth with no minimum costs, no lock-in contracts, no hidden fees, and support from expert teams across Europe.

Are we just a financial services provider? We hope not. Instead, we aim to be a trusted partner for forward-looking companies on their journey to success.

Will you join us on that journey? Find out how we can help your business.


We genuinely seek out what’s best for our customers, partners, and people. We treat everyone with respect.


We have the courage to take risks and challenge the status quo. We dare to make tough decisions.


We take pride in being our true selves. We do things because they are the right things to do. We always strive to be the best version of ourselves.

For us, growth is a mindset.

Driven by love.

Mollie is always looking for new talent to join our teams. We’re looking for inquisitive minds with good ideas and strong opinions, and, most importantly, who know how to ship great products.