Choosing the right payment gateway for your jewellery website

The jewellery ecommerce industry in the UK is one of the most lucrative and competitive in the country. Consumers are willing to spend significant amounts of money on luxury items such as watches, rings, necklaces and earrings.. For ecommerce stores to succeed in this industry, safety, security and a smooth customer experience are paramount..

At Mollie, we believe in being a trusted partner for your business. Our industry-leading online payment gateway solution allows your business to accept online payments safely and efficiently..                         

We know payment solutions aren’t one size fits all

The jewellery industry is full of emotion. Jewellery is often purchased as a gift at times of celebration, or when customers decide to treat themselves.. However, trends can change quickly, with celebrity social media sensations sparking life into a new line of products or even bringing back to traditional styles from decades ago. You operate in a dynamic industry, so it is important to find a payment solution that is as flexible as you need it to be..

What is a payment service provider in the jewellery industry?    

A payment service provider (PSP) is vital for practical function within jewellery ecommerce. They allow  online retailers to accept credit card, debit card, and digital wallet payments ( such as Apple Pay and PayPal) all under one contract. This gives business owners and ecommerce managers  the ability to forecast monthly costs thanks to uncomplicated payment processing fees. .

With 47% of customers saying that it’s very important to them that online stores offer their favourite payment methods at checkout, offering well-known payment methods can help to increase conversions. This is especially true when adding Buy Now Pay Later payment methods to your website such as Klarna, which gives customers the option of spreading the cost of their purchase. This is especially true in the jewellery industry, where the prices of items can be high. 

How Mollie does things differently 

We offer everything a modern payment service provider should, including the latest features and technologies. We work hard to stay ahead of the curve and provide your jewellery ecommerce business with everything you need to thrive. 

Select bespoke online payment methods

You can offer a range of payment methods as soon as you complete our simple sign-up process. We offer all major ecommerce payment options, from Apple Pay to PayPal, so you can provide your customers with their preferred way to pay. From the Mollie dashboard, it’s easy to toggle different payment methods on or off with no extra fees.

Build your brand through payments 

Having an optimised checkout can help boost your conversion rate and lower cart abandonment. 

Your conversion rate is a key metric for measuring the success of your online business, and by offering the right payment methods for your customers, you increase the chances of conversion . Our most recent ecommerce report found that 45% of customers abandon their cart due to their preferred payment method not being offered, so choosing the right payment methods for your online store is more important than ever. 

Mollie checkout turns a simple, standard payment form into a professional, on-brand experience that inspires trust and drives conversions. All without having to write a single line of code.

We also offer one-click payments to make checking out even easier for returning customers. You can use the Customers API to safely store payment details and remember payment preferences, and let your returning customers pay with a single click.

Monitor and manage your payments with the Mollie dashboard

Our comprehensive but easy-to-use dashboard lets you see payments in real-time, giving you the critical cash flow information that you can use to manage your businesses’ finances. Filter options let you search for and find any payment with ease, reducing admin time for you and your team when creating reports or issuing refunds.

Easy set up and integration

We offer hundreds of integrations to complement your jewellery business, such as ready-made connectors for ecommerce platforms, accounting tools, checkout additions, CRM and shipping. Your development team will love how simple it is to integrate Mollie into your platform, helping them to create a high-quality experience for customers. 

The payment solution trusted by thousands of jewellery ecommerce stores

​​Here at Mollie, we provide world-class payment solutions to more than 130,000 businesses across the globe, helping each and every one on their journey to growth.   

Seamless integration with high-performance ecommerce platforms

We have a range of integrations with major ecommerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Wix, and PrestaShop. We also offer all the resources developers need and API keys to help you get up and running on your own, if you prefer to work this way.

Case study: Rosefield

Rosefield began in 2015 when its CEO saw a gap in the market for affordable luxury watches, using influencer marketing to generate massive interest in their first collection of watches. But after a few years of growth, they began to encounter hurdles with increased competition that focused on price. 

After originally operating with mainly B2B sales model that didn’t align with their original mission, the company switched to anew website design in 2019. Rosefield then sought to optimise and streamline their payment processing, moving all their payment processes across to Mollie, a switch that took just one morning’s work. It has also allowed them to offer all the localised payment methods that their customers desire, as well as receive payments in the currency that works best for them..

How Mollies strives to help you

It's important to regularly assess whether your current payment service provider is offering you everything that your business needs. As the world of payments advances, we want your jewellery ecommerce store to grow along with you. 

Range of payment options

All shoppers have a preference when it comes to payment options. That’s why you’ll want to offer as many different options as possible. This helps raise your conversion rate by making sure that no potential customer feels left out. 

Secure payment wallets like PayPal have millions of users and in a world where speed and ease is the standard offering, while Apple Pay is a must for shoppers on the go, allowing them to purchase products with a few taps on their iPhone.

Simple per-transaction pricing 

Our per transaction pricing means you pay as money comes in, helping you to manage costs and stay flexible. We do not charge for failed transactions and offer full transparency with our payments. With Mollie, there are no hidden fees.

Grow with us

We work with jewellery businesses that range from smalland medium businesses to large globally-recognised brands. We don't just want to improve your payments, we want to help your business grow and thrive so you can provide an online shopping experience that matches the quality of your products.

Start your Mollie journey today

Mollie’s seamless online payment solution helps you take payments easily and provide a range of options for your customers. We don’t just strive to boost conversions and enhance customer experience, we work to help your business succeed.

Try our jewellery payment gateway today. No lock-in contract, no hidden fees. Simply sign up and create your account to get started. If your business processes more than £50,000 per month, contact our sales team.   

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