Information for the authorities

Mollie BV (Mollie), registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under registration number 30204462, is a payment service provider, licensed by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). Stichting Mollie Payments is a foundation established by Mollie to safeguard the third party funds processed by Mollie as referred to in the Payment Services Directive I and II.

Because the funds in the account of Stichting Mollie Payments are separated from the funds held in the bank account of Mollie B.V., the use of Stichting Mollie Payments guarantees that the third party funds will never get mixed up with the funds held in the account of Mollie BV. This has the advantage that a seizure on or bankruptcy of Mollie B.V. does not affect the funds that Mollie processes for its customers. Both Mollie and Stichting Mollie Payments operate under supervision of the DNB.

Mollie provides online payment services for its customers namely, webshop owners. Based on a payment contract between Mollie and the webshop owner, the webshop owner is connected by Mollie to acquirers from payment methods such as, amongst others, MasterCard, Visa, Sofort, American Express, Bancontact. Mollie’s service is limited to the processing of a payment on behalf of the webshop owner and subsequently the settlement of funds to the webshop owner’s bank account – Mollie is thus in no way part of the purchase agreement between the consumer and the webshop owner.

In the event of a criminal investigation related to Stichting Mollie Payments, you can contact us directly for more information about specific payments by sending an e-mail to