Club Brugge

When we launch a new item, there are sometimes as many as 50,000 people on our site at one time. During such a peak, a fast and smooth checkout is crucial.

Gauthier e-commerce manager at Club Brugge.

In the stadium or at home in front of the TV: fans of Club Brugge adorn themselves en masse in the blue and black club colours. Those wanting the official merchandise go to the online fan shop of the Belgian football club. A reliable payment system is a must for the busy digital shop. That's why the club relies on Mollie. And according to merchandise and e-commerce manager Gauthier Vervaeke, the collaboration with Mollie goes further than that: ''We are in close contact with each other, and there’s always someone available who knows and understands us. We used to miss that a lot.''

E-commerce manager Gauthier Vervaeke with a Club Brugge shirt, one of the many items fans can buy at the club's webshop.

The Club Brugge webshop is developing rapidly. In the current season – which, for the football club, runs from July to June – the shop is already growing by 50%, compared to the previous season. “We have just finished the classic Christmas peak” says Vervaeke. “But we see those busy moments more often. For example, there was a stampede on the face masks we launched in April 2020. When we sell a new item, sometimes up to 50,000 people are on our site at the same time.”

Having a payment provider that can handle our peaks is a must. Mollie made it clear to us from the start that we can count on them. And they prove it time and time again.

Gauthier Vervaeke e-commerce manager at Club Brugge

During our visit peaks, it’s even more important that the payment process doesn’t falter. “A fast and smooth checkout is crucial at those times. Mollie made it clear to us from the start, that we can count on them, even when it’s extremely busy. And they prove it time and again. We’ve never had a problem, no matter how busy it was. For us, that’s the best proof that we can rely on Mollie.”

Sometimes up to 50,000 people visit the site in a day, when the Club Brugge commercial team puts a new item on the webshop.

Innovative partner

Vervaeke also experiences that trust in other areas. “At Mollie, we don’t feel like just a number or the umpteenth customer. The account manager knows our story, knows who we are and understands what we need. But the relationship goes beyond that: Mollie even organises an event now and then. Is that what you expect from a payment provider? Is it a must? No, definitely not. But it’s cool. It creates a connection, you build a relationship.”

Gauthier Vervaeke of Club Brugge has a good feeling about the partnership with Mollie: not just a number, but a strong relationship.

According to Vervaeke, Mollie works with a fresh dose of youthfulness. A culture that they also have at Club Brugge. “Another similarity is our drive for innovation. We’re working on a new ambitious webshop, which will be the best of all. A real technical tour de force. Mollie is also innovative and continues to come up with improvements for customers.”

There is an evolution in payment methods. For instance, more people want to be able to pay later. Mollie is on board with this trend and looks for the best partner for a particular payment method.

Gauthier Vervaeke e-commerce manager at Club Brugge
Gauthier Vervaeke and his team are in close contact with Mollie: in case of questions or problems, someone is always available.

Points for price/quality

Vervaeke cites the many payment options as an example of innovation: “More and more people want to pay later. That was quite a payment evolution within the Belgian market.” Mollie is on top of this and looks for the best partner for a particular payment method. “Mollie also helped develop the Club ID, an access and payment card that Club Brugge launched last year. “That’s right, Mollie turned out to be the right partner for that innovation too. And not to be forgotten, at a reasonable price. The fact that the price/quality is good is very important to us, and undoubtedly for many other webshops.”

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