Our conversion rate almost doubled after switching to Mollie, We also have higher turnover, as well as happier customers, a leading online perfumery in the Netherlands, has been in the business for over 50 years. With a rich history of providing high-quality niche and premium brands, has evolved with the times and embraced the digital age. In 2007, they launched their online store and have since gained national recognition. To further enhance their online presence and streamline their payment process, they enlisted the expertise of H1 Webdevelopment and replaced their former payment service provider (PSP) with Mollie. These new partnerships vastly improved performance, they started receiving more orders and saw a substantial increase in their conversion rates.

Optimising the checkout process

Despite their well-known brand, was facing several challenges with their website and checkout process. In consultation with H1 Webdevelopment, they realised the absence of customisation, lack of different payment methods, and slow response times were hindering their conversion rates and order numbers. 

H1 analysed their old checkout and suggested several improvements such as, fine-tuning forms, enhancing user-experience with removing unnecessary items and adding progress visualisations and placing popular methods like Ideal on top of the payment options list. 

Since their previous PSP did not provide the services for the changes, decided to switch to Mollie. This allowed them to optimise their checkout based on their customers’ needs. Thanks to the flexibility of Mollie and the fast responding API to exchange transaction data, was able to optimise their checkout, resulting in higher conversion rates, increased turnover, and improved customer satisfaction.'s advice to starting entrepreneurs looking to boost conversion is to streamline their checkout process.

Showing local payment options, using concise registration forms, and providing a smooth experience makes it easy for your customers to complete their purchase

Effortless payments with Mollie

When Parfumerie started on the journey to optimise their website and checkout with H1 webdevelopment, it quickly became clear that Mollie would be a perfect fit for what they needed from a PSP.

"We were looking for a PSP that offers reasonable and transparent pricing, a wide range of payment options, easy set-up and maintenance, an intuitive dashboard with all the necessary payment data, and fast-responding support experts. Thanks to H1, we found all of this in Mollie."

Improved checkout, better performance

After switching to Mollie as their payment service provider (PSP), created a new checkout process that sorts payment methods according to their customers' local market. The new process also displays payment method logos, is faster, and easier to shape thanks to Mollie's user-friendly dashboard. Within two months of launching this new checkout, they already started seeing positive results. Their conversion rates went from 2.08% to 4.24% in Belgium and from 1.87% to 5.59% in the Netherlands, and they saw a significant increase in transactions in both markets. 

"Our tip for online businesses looking to improve conversion rates is to ensure that their checkout process is easy for customers to understand. It is important to display local payment methods, use short registration forms, and provide accurate feedback. Improving the performance of your checkout process can help increase your conversion rates."

Accepting payments in the future

When it comes to's customer base's preferred payment methods, they currently have Ideal and Klarna at the top of their list, with some variations depending on the markets.  However, they have also realised methods like Apple Pay and Google Wallet are starting to get more and more popular with their customers across the globe. As Mollie already offers these payment methods, along with other favourites, can easily start accepting them and switch up how they are displayed in the checkout process according to customer preferences.

What’s next for anticipates that the competition will continue to grow as more European businesses enter the market. In order to remain relevant, businesses will need to innovate and adapt according to their customers’ needs. 

Their immediate next step towards innovation is to work with H1 to improve their web performance by implementing an even faster and more optimised shop using Hyvä themes. They believe that the fact that Mollie already offers the option to integrate with Hyvä will make the transition much easier.

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