The integration between Mollie and CCV Shop is flawless. Being able to work with one payment provider for everything has been great for our business.

Kevin Jillings, Owner and Founder at Tafelindustrie

Tafelindustrie's journey began when owner and founder Kevin Jillings created a website for someone selling table legs. This experience inspired him to start selling tables and Jillings and his team gradually expanded the business to great success. Today, Tafelindustrie is a thriving player in the furniture industry with customers across Europe.

Serving furniture lovers online and offline 

Tafelindustrie embraced both online and offline sales from the beginning, starting with just a WordPress website and later opening a physical store while launching their new webshop simultaneously. Initially, online sales only accounted for 10% of their total sales, compared to 90% in-store. However, over the past four years, online sales have steadily grown to 15%, despite the general hesitancy of customers to shop for furniture online.

Finding the perfect fit in CCV Shop

In the process of choosing an ecommerce platform provider, Tafelindustrie compared multiple providers such as Magento, WooCommerce, and CCV Shop.

It quickly became clear that CCV Shop's product was the best fit for Tafelindustrie, as it was easy-to-use and affordable. CCV Shop enables the Tafelindustrie team to handle all their operations in-house without the need for additional resources.

The software is user-friendly, and team members can effectively use it without extensive training. Moreover, the CCV Shop's customer support team is reliable and efficient, and the live chat function enables quick resolution of any emerging issues. This ensures that the webshop runs smoothly, even when faced with technical challenges. 

CCV Shop’s numerous partnerships with best-in-class service providers allows Tafelindustrie to easily test different apps and integrations and add them to their webshop, giving them the ability to create the ideal foundation for their business needs.

As a small team with no extensive technical expertise in managing webshops, CCV Shop’s user-friendly interface helps them easily manage and modify products, display their assortment, offer flexible ordering options, and create an attractive storefront for their customers.

A seamless, reliable, and hassle-free integration

One of the many benefits of working with CCV Shop for Tafelindustrie is the wide range of online business integrations available through the CCV Shop platform. These integrations, which range from marketing to accounting to payments, have allowed Tafelindustrie to optimise their operations and bolster their growth. 

When it comes to handling payments, adding the Mollie integration into the CCV Shop platform has been a flawless experience for Tafelindustrie. The partnership between Mollie and CCV Shop has enabled them to easily start using Mollie's payment services on their webshop without requiring technical expertise, costly setup processes, dealing with different payment method providers, and signing multiple contracts. 

With this single-contract partnership Tafelindustrie can provide their customers with a seamless checkout experience, ensuring easy payment processing without any disruptions. They are not locked into any long-term, multiple clause contract and have access to transparent pricing when it comes to their payments services.

Offering multiple payment methods provides reliability and invites customers to order faster. For us, it also meant a wider audience segment and access to new markets.

Reaching new heights with Mollie

Before working with Mollie as their payment service provider, Tafelindustrie only offered limited payment options, primarily iDEAL and PayPal. However, after partnering with Mollie and adding the Mollie x CCV Shop integration into their webshop, they significantly expanded the range of payment methods they offer.

Currently, Tafelindustrie’s customers can pay with iDeal, PayPal, Klarna Pay Later, Sofort, and Credit Card, all through a single, reliable provider with just one contract. Being able to offer all the methods that their customers are looking for through a single payment provider simplifies operations and streamlines customer transactions.

Since offering their customers their preferred payment methods, Tafelindustrie has seen a positive change in their sales and a significant increase in their reach across different local markets. They now serve customers from Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, alongside their initial market, Germany. They believe that partnering with Mollie to offer various payment methods has created reliability, security, and ease of payment for their customers resulting in these positive changes.

Embracing growth with Mollie and CCV Shop

Looking ahead, Tafelindustrie plans to strengthen their online presence and increase online sales from 15% to 20%. To support this goal, they aim to focus on smaller products that can be bought online and easily shipped, such as side tables and individual chairs. Additionally, the company envisions opening a second branch in Germany within the next five years to meet the growing demand from customers in different regions.

Both CCV Shop and Mollie are essential components of Tafelindustrie's future plans. CCV Shop’s smooth running and user-friendly platform will continue to support them in releasing new products and boosting online sales. Mollie's wide range of payment options and seamless integration with CCV Shop will continue to support their growth with a seamless checkout, a wide-array of locally and globally favoured payment methods and payment products that help them fine-tune their strategy.

The ease-of-use and flexibility provided by both platforms means that Tafelindustrie can expand their webshop and adapt it according to their growing inventory and customer base. Tafelindustrie believes the reliability and compatibility of the Mollie and CCV Shop partnership will carry them through many phases of growth.

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