Whistleblower Policy

Here at Mollie, we believe in being authentic in whatever we do, and that includes speaking up when we think something is amiss. That’s why we have implemented a Mollie Whistleblower Policy and reporting channel. We want to make sure that everyone has a confidential way to report any instances of suspected or actual misconduct within the company.

Who can file a report?

Mollie’s Whistleblower Policy extends to all employees and external third parties that are or were involved with Mollie in a business capacity. These third parties include:

  • Potential employees of Mollie at a pre-contractual stage

  • Former employees of Mollie

  • Shareholders of Mollie

  • Anyone working with/for Mollie via a third party supplier

Before you file a report

If you’re uncertain about whether your suspicion could be a reportable case, you should consider if it meets the following conditions:

  • The suspicion of misconduct is based on reasonable grounds and information that you believe to be true at the time of reporting.

  • The suspicion is based on your personal and/or professional experience, not only on rumours and hearsay.

  • You are not committing a (criminal) offence by reporting this suspicion e.g. hacking a system to retrieve information.

  • The potential case goes beyond a single incident in its impact or structure.

  • The potential case may lead to one or more of the following:

    • Mollie’s business practices or future existence are compromised

    • a breach in legal obligation that harms public interest

    • danger to any individual’s health or safety

    • deliberate covering up of information about any of the above situations

How do I file a report?

We have set up a secure channel where you can make a report if you suspect or witness any wrongdoing. Through the Mollie Whistleblower Channel, you can submit a report in writing or by recording your report verbally. You can also upload any relevant files. Use the following link to make a report:

How do I track my report?

After you file a report, you will receive a link that you can use to track the status of your report. You can also use this link to update your report with additional relevant information. If more information is needed about your report, you can use this link to start communications with a contact person.

Is it confidential?

All reports through the Mollie Whistleblower Channel are handled securely and confidentially. You always have the option to make your report completely anonymous or with your name and contact information.

MollieWhistleblower policy
MollieWhistleblower policy