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Mollie for Firmhouse

Mollie has joined forces with Firmhouse to let businesses leverage the power of Recurring Commerce in tandem with a seamless payment integration.

Firmhouse supports a broad range of Recurring Commerce models out of the box. The core logic of the platform provides all the required functionality to launch these models end-to-end, in Europe, in your e-commerce stack of preference.

Subscribe & Save

Grow your commerce business with recurring & predictable revenue. Reward loyal customers with better pricing and a unique customer experience.

Rental & Lease

Easily introduce your durables as rental products via Firmhouse. Cover the end-to-end rental process within your e-commerce stack, and safely accept new customers as subscribers.

Try & Buy

Offer paid trial periods for your physical products. Customers can buy-out the product at the end of the trial, or keep the product as a rental.


Bundle your durable and consumable products in one offering. Sell a great outcome and experience to your customers for one fixed price per month.

One-time only check-outs

With the Firmhouse checkout you can also accept one-time purchases. These customers can easily subscribe later to the products they have purchased once from you.

On-demand ordering & charging

With the flexible Firmhouse API you can operate an on-demand charge and ordering business, great for offerings where connected hardware can initiate delivery and purchase of consumables.

Why Mollie and Firmhouse?

The integration between Mollie and Firmhouse enables you to:

  • Easily deploy across markets in Europe, for any Recurring Commerce model and across locally relevant payment methods.

  • Create a branded checkout experience with an out-of-the-box solution for webshop platforms like Shopify and Shopware. Firmhouse seamlessly integrates into your existing website setup and can also be used headless to tailor the complete checkout experience to your needs.

  • Smart dunning: When payments fail, customers receive a direct payment link which can be used to settle the payment using any method you want to accept.

  • Integrates with identification providers, allowing for a seamless fraud prevention set up across multiple markets.

  • Choose to offer a combined basket where customers can blend a rental product, one-time purchase, and recurring product in one checkout and payment.

  • Support at your fingertips: Firmhouse offers professional Services for launch and migration. For all payment questions, Mollie’s multilingual support can be easily reached.

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Compatible with our products:

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