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Mollie for Ticketmatic

Offer a seamless ticket purchasing experience with Ticketmatic and Mollie. With Mollie's effortless payment solutions and Ticketmatic's intuitive ticketing software, your customers can purchase tickets with just a few clicks.

Why Ticketmatic and Mollie?

Ticketmatic is a comprehensive ticketing and marketing solution that helps event organisers streamline ticket sales and deliver great customer experiences.

The Ticketmatic and Mollie integration helps you attract new customers, simplify payments to sell more, and build loyalty to earn repeat revenue. It does this with industry-leading reliability and a set of key features designed to make ticket sales effortless, including a mobile app, seating plan designer, virtual waiting room, and audience self-service module.

Here’s what else the Mollie and Ticketmatic integration offers you:

  • A unified ticketing and payments solution: Simplify reporting and reconciliation by connecting payments to your online ticketing webshop.

  • A branded ticket shop: Customise your ticket shop to offer customers the best online experience. Access a range of features including seating plans, discounts, personalised pricing, and more. 

  • Integrated CRM and marketing tools: Ticketmatic helps you create an audience database that centralises all your customer data. Coupled with robust analysis tools, this database offers comprehensive audience insights and helps you run targeted campaigns. You also get a built-in email marketing tool that simplifies newsletter distribution and customer communications.

  • Mobile ticketing: Embrace the future of ticketing with Ticketmatic's smart wallet app. Seamlessly send your customers information about event details, purchases, and delivery. The branded app facilitates targeted audience communication, simplifies customer data management, and ensures smooth ticket transfers. Additionally, the app enhances ticket security, guarding against black market trading.

  • Point of sale payments: Accept in-person payments with the Mollie Terminal.

  • Automatic refunds: Offer customers a seamless refund process for both partial and full refunds.

Mollie pricing:

  • Online and offline pricing: Pay a fixed fee for each successful transaction. Read more about Mollie pricing

  • No lock-in contract: Accept payments today with no lock-in contract.

Read more about Ticketmatic pricing.

How to connect Mollie to Ticketmatic

Set up Mollie as a payment gateway:

  1. Sign up for a free Mollie account.

  2. Fill in your organisation details and create a Mollie profile for your online store.

  3. Provide identification and security information and activate your desired payment methods in Mollie.

  4. Retrieve the live API-key. You will need it to set up Mollie payment methods in Ticketmatic. 

  5. Set up the payment methods in Ticketmatic.

Add Mollie as a payment method:

  1. Click the Add button.

  2. Fill in a name for the payment method and select type Mollie.

  3. Fill in the API key for your Mollie account.

  4. Fill in the Mollie payment methods you would like to offer.

Compatible payment features:

  • Online payments

  • In-person payments

  • Payment Links

  • Checkout

For internal use, the Ticketmatic installation guides:

Setting up Ticketmatic x Mollie.

Accepting Payments through Mollie with Ticketmatic.

Compatible with our products:

Compatible with our products:

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