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The distances to travel within Europe may be short, but there are bigger distances to overcome in eCommerce. A mainstream payment method in one country may be practically unheard of a neighbouring land. There are also major differences in shopping preferences among consumers from one region to the next. Mollie created the EU eCommerce Guide – a travel guide for your eCommerce business in Europe – to help you navigate the complexities of the European eCommerce market.

One Europe, many different preferences

Dutch customers like to pay in advance. Germans prefer to buy now and pay later. In Belgium, international heavyweights dominate the eCommerce market, while local eCommerce retailers in Poland reign supreme. As an eCommerce retailer with plans for European expansion, it’s important for you to be aware of differences like these. That way, you can avoid surprises while also tailoring your business seamlessly to local preferences, so you’ll start out in the right direction towards success.

EU eCommerce Guide: Tips from Mollie

The EU eCommerce Guide from Mollie helps you navigate your way across Europe. You will receive vital information on eCommerce markets and payment methods across ten European countries:

– Austria

– Belgium

– France

– Germany

– Italy

– Netherlands

– Poland

– Spain

– Switzerland

– The United Kingdom

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