“Our online sales increased significantly”

When it gets cooler outside and the days get shorter again, the most important time of the year begins for many companies: ''For us, these are the months with the highest sales,” says Annette Roeckl, managing director at ROECKL. In recent years, the traditional company from Munich has developed from a glove manufacturer to an international brand for fine accessories and leather goods. In the process, ROECKL has not only expanded its core competence, but also its online business.

“We are extremely confident with how everything is working at the moment!”

Annette Roeckl, Annette Roeckl, managing director at Roeckl


The online world belongs to the brave

Blicken wir ein paar Jahre zurück. Vielen Unternehmen geht es gut. Die Wirtschaft brummt. Auch in der Isartalstraße 49 in München, wo ROECKL sitzt, herrscht im November 2019 Hochbetrieb. Mitten im Weihnachtsgeschäft lanciert ROECKL seinen neuen Webshop. „Das Timing war ideal“, sagt die Unternehmerin und fügt an: „Wir haben den Shop technisch komplett neu aufgebaut und die Strukturen überarbeitet. Zudem haben wir die Logistik und den Kundendienst zu uns ins Haus geholt.“

> „Ich bin überzeugt, dass das Weihnachtsgeschäft mit Mollie und Klarna als Partner läuft.“

Annette Roeckl, geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin bei ROECKL

Let’s look back a few years. Many companies are doing well. The economy is booming. Isartalstraße 49 in Munich, where ROECKL is based, is also bustling in November 2019. ROECKL is launching its new webshop in the middle of the Christmas season. “The timing was ideal,” says the entrepreneur, and adds: “We have completely rebuilt the shop technically and revised the structures. In addition, we brought logistics and customer service in-house.”

ROECKL also has many customers who have shopped online for the first time in the pandemic. “For many customers with little experience in online shopping, it is often a challenge to also pay online at the end in the checkout. We want to make it as easy as possible for them and have chosen Mollie as our payment service provider.”

Especially target groups that are still inexperienced in online shopping need a seamless and quickly understandable payment process. “This creates trust,” Annette Roeckl is convinced. “With our old webshop, more than 50 per cent of the questions used to be about payment. Customers can get angry when something doesn’t work. We had a lot of problems with invoice purchases. Now it’s much better.”

> “Mollie is a really noticeable improvement.”

Annette Roeckl, Managing Partner at ROECKL


New payment solution opens up perspectives

There were several reasons why ROECKL chose Mollie in an evaluation process that lasted several months, says Annette Roeckl: “We were looking for a partner who is familiar with PWA technology and offers a good overall package. Our developers were able to integrate Mollie into our Magento 2 shop without any problems. And in the end, of course, the conditions were also decisive.”

In addition to customer service, the marketing and eCommerce departments also benefit from the new payment solution. The Mollie dashboard gives a good overview over well-running products and the payment methods used by the customers to the ROECKL eCommerce team. “We see exactly how much we sell with which payment methods. So we can take measures at short notice if something is not going as planned.”

> “Mollie took care of the communication with Klarna.”

Annette Roeckl, Managing Partner at ROECKL


Of course! Klarna

ROECKL offers its customers a wide mix of payment options: Sofort, PayPal, credit card and Apple Pay. Especially in Germany, the list would not be complete without Klarna, says Annette Roeckl: “We use Klarna for instant payments and invoice purchases. We also offer purchase on installments. It surprises us how often that is used.”

Uncomplicated installment payments are part of the recipe for success, says Leeroy Kaandorp, who works as a Partner Marketeer at Klarna: “We make sure that even larger purchases can be realised easily.” The success proves him right. Klarna is an international success story, even number 1 in Germany. What is the secret? “We are more than just a financial partner. Besides the payment solution, we have a strong marketing machine.”

> “Klarna is a love brand.”

Leeroy Kaandorp, Partner Marketeer at Klarna

At the heart of Klarna is the app, which Leeroy Kaandorp says is not just aimed at customers: “We unite all our merchants in it, which has proven to be a real conversion driver.” Klarna’s latest feature promises up to 25 percent more sales: “Via on-site messaging, the merchant can make his customers aware early on that Klarna is a payment option – not just at checkout.”

> “I’m convinced – this works.”

Annette Roeckl, Managing Partner at ROECKL

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