We really want to help our clients with their digital story.

Anton Luyten Managing Partner at Esign.

Companies don’t always have the skills to achieve success online. Esign helps them to do this, with the support of ecommerce platform Shopify. Anton Luyten: “Shopify is ideal for companies that are just getting started in e-commerce or companies that that are ready for new steps with their shop.”

Managing Partner Anton Luyten discussing a design with an employee

Shopify is the best choice for many of Esign’s customers: they convince the hip children’s bags brand Jeune Premier and boxer shorts giant McAlson. “We give a very clear explanation for why we think this ecommerce is best. It works perfectly for starters in e-commerce, with a simple version where pretty much everything is arranged for you. And if your brand grows, Shopify grows with you easily. Because it is so stable, it’s perfect for very large e-commerce projects. Fulltime Sport for example, a soccer store from Gent, sold no less than 10,000 mouth masks in one evening together with soccer club KAA Gent. Big orders are no problem for Shopify.”

Banners in the Esign office

As efficient as possible

The overwhelming majority of Esign’s webshops use Shopify. “We want to give the best advice possible because many companies have trouble figuring out what they really need. That is why we also have an internal marketing team. Because advertising is also a profession in its own right. Start-up shops often have a lack of knowledge around what’s actually a good investment in the field of online marketing. Placing an ad in a local magazine is tangible for customers. But advertising on Google through SEA is not. That’s why we’re showing our online expertise, for example via our blog or at one of the events we organise a couple of times a year. We want to make it easier for customers, but above all we want to develop an online strategy that really helps them.”

Many companies have trouble figuring out what they really need. We want to advise them as much as possible.

Anton Luyten Managing Partner at Esign
Employees at work in the Esign office

Esign’s entire organisation is built around supporting clients in the most efficient manner possible. “To give an example, we advise our clients to make some web pages uneditable. The contact page is a good example, there is no need change it every day. That page can remain static. This makes it easier to build the site and that saves a lot in the cost. If something needs to be adjusted, it usually only has to be done once a year, and when it does, we can make the changes for the client.”

Employees at work in the Esign office

Open and honest

For Esign, Mollie fits in nicely with that idea. “Everything is clear: what you need to know, how it works, what it costs. Mollie is open about this, which is not the case with every company.” According to Anton, this openness is one of Mollie’s strengths and an important reason for Esign to work together. “In terms of a payment solution, we like to let our customers choose for themselves. Nevertheless, we can advise them for this decision as well. Shopify allows 100 different payment methods, but we do notice that Mollie is an excellent choice.”

If you want a beautiful checkout, you’ll automatically end up at Mollie.

Anton Luyten Managing Partner at Esign

Besides this, Anton mentions, at Mollie you also have a beautiful checkout. “If you are a Shopify user, you have one of the best systems on the market when it comes to the back-end. It makes sense that you’d want that for your payments as well. If you want a truly nice page where consumers can pay, you’ll automatically end up with Mollie.”

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