We work closely with the entrepreneur to get the most out of a project.

Gregory Vanhoucke Managing Director at Exsited.

Gregory’s career began when he was 15 years old. Then, he laid the foundation for what would become the Netherlands’ and Belgium’s largest cycling website. “We were the one of the first to have such a huge database, you just had a click on a cyclist and you got an overview of his entire career. At our peak, we had 8,000 unique visitors a day,” Gregory explains. This experience formed the base for the way his company currently operates: “We work closely with the entrepreneur to get the most out of a project.”


Gregory’s cycling website was a success because of his unfaltering passion. “I taught myself PHP, design, and Photoshop,” he says, “And we got a lot of compliments since the site was well put together. Gradually, cyclists came to us asking if we could also do their websites, then came cycling teams, and then companies.”

Despite all the visitors and attention the cycling website garnered, it wasn’t commercially successful. “I spent too much time trying to make the site perfect,” Gregory reckons. To gain more commercial experience, Gregory went to work for other web design companies after he graduated. But in 2011, he thought it time to give going out on his own a second go. “I started building websites and was excited about getting it rolling, that’s how Exsited was born.”


Entrepreneurs who live for their businesses

Exsited consciously chooses to work with small companies. Frequently, these companies are helmed by beginning entrepreneurs who live for their businesses. Here, webshops are crucial. “We’re on the lookout for motivated companies that want to put effort into their webshops. If you do, then we’ll deliver a team that’s always there for you,” he notes. This approach has been successful because Exsited has grown and has plenty of clients, all without doing any sales. “Companies are referred to us, and they know what to expect,” he says, concluding, “This means the first meeting with a new client isn’t about money or anything like that: it’s a kickoff.”

We’ll deliver a team that’s always there for you.

Gregory Vanhoucke Managing Director at Exsited

That extra little bit

“After we take an extensive look into the target group for the website, we get to work designing,” he begins explaining about Exsited’s process, “Each page is fully built, then we talk it over with the client, and when they’re okay with it, we get to work on the rest.” Exsited has developed its own website platform, of which some 40% is made up of solutions that are the same for every client, with customisation being available on top of this framework. This, “saves time, time we can spend on design and user experience,” Gregory says, “For our clients’ clients a platform has to first and foremost be fast and easy to understand. Our strong points are design on the one hand and UX on the other. Together, they lead to pretty good conversion.”


Exactly what we want to offer our clients

The above-mentioned efficiency is one of the reasons for choosing Mollie. A few years ago, Exsited professionalised and a part of this process was evaluating a number of payment providers on metrics such as installation ease, transparency, and how good the backend was.

“When it came to ease of installation and transparency, Mollie was head and shoulders above the rest,” he says. “But what really takes the cake,” he continues, “ is the personal contact. They regularly drop by our office and you can always email them or give them a ring. This is exactly the type of service we want to offer our clients, and why we consciously choose Mollie.” Moreover, he explains, “the platform is extremely stable, we haven’t experienced much downtime. You can even make money with their partner programme,” he adds, “There aren’t many other companies offering the same quality as Mollie.”

What really takes the cake at Mollie is the personal contact.

Gregory Vanhoucke Managing Director at Exsited

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