We want to run the company more efficiently, which is also beneficial to the customer.

Vincent Blommaert Partnership Manager at Teamleader.

Everything at Teamleader comes down to efficiency. The company from Ghent develops a handy tool for customer management, project management and invoicing. From the plumber that still uses Excel to a 30-person-strong agency that wants to optimise conversion: Teamleader helps SME’s sized between one and 50 people save money and time. In order to keep raising the bar for efficiency, they continually work on improving not only their product but the organisation itself or as Partnership Manager Vincent Blommaert says, “You need to practice what you preach.”

Four people working in the Teamleader office

“We want to make sure our company is efficient,” says Vincent, “because in the end this is also benificial for our customer.” For example, “We used to go to every one our of new clients for an introduction meeting, to welcome them. We did three of these per day,” he says, “Now, we handle this via telephone and we still go over everything that the client needs.” And Teamleader knows better than anyone else the impact a conversation can have. “Back in the day, you as a company had a lot of touchpoints with clients. You talked to them on a regular basis,” he explains, “Now clients have to be able to take care of themselves via your platform. So, the less contact, the better.” But, “this means that when you do have direct contact with a client, it has to be exactly what they need,” he says.

A man and a woman walking in front of the Teamleader logo

Work Smarter

Started as a web design agency with three people, Teamleader has about 170 employees after several rounds of investment and operates in six countries. The company has gained a lot of knowledge over the years. Not only about their product, but also about the growth of the organization. “We try to save time everywhere, but not on our employees. Everyone gets a three week onboarding to get to know the company and the product as well as possible, including who works in the kitchen.” Teamleader also wants to pass on what they learn about how to improve both products and their organization to their customers. That’s why the company organizes Work Smarter. “During these events we share our knowledge, for example about how to improve the workflow.”

> “Each employee gets a three week onboarding

to get to know the company and the product.”

Vincent Blommaert Partnership Manager at Teamleader

Peace and security

Teamleader sees the fruits of these events in positive customer feedback. “What we enjoy the most is when clients tell us that their workflow has improved and that they’re seeing their revenue increase thanks to our solution,” he explains, “They can immediately see the advantage of what we offer.” Vincent gives an example of this: “Let’s look at the case of a carpenter, this is a good example of what’s going on here,” he says, “To this day many carpenters still write down what they’ve done on a job on a piece of paper. If this paper, by chance, gets blown away by the wind or lost, then they don’t know what they’ve done.” This isn’t the case when using Teamleader: “With our solution, they can upload what they’ve done using their mobile device and everything is saved in the cloud. This not only saves a lot of time, but it lends a sense of peace and security.”

A cardboard trophy and booklet from Teamleader

Integration with other products

The Teamleader tool is already very user-friendly, yet the product is constantly optimized. “Our system is very simple in terms of design. There are few buttons and that makes it easy to work with. Still, we improve what we can. We listen to our customers’ feedback and we’re working on it. These are usually little things, but little things can make a big difference.”

We listen to our customers’ feedback.

Vincent Blommaert Partnership Manager at Teamleader

Creating a product that can do everything isn’t one of Teamleader’s goals. True, they do offer an all-in-one solution, but they know all too well that their product’s success is dependent on how it integrates with other products. Here, Vincent says that, “Most of the time, entrepreneurs are using, for example, solutions for email and their calendar, hence it’s crucial that our product can easily link to what they’re using to run their businesses. This is why we have over 250 tools in our marketplace.”

Several employees working in the Teamleader office

The perfect addition

Mollie is one of the tools in Teamleader’s marketplace. “It is the perfect addition to our platform,” he says, “You can make an invoice in Teamleader and then have it easily paid via Mollie. Our client’s clients can pay fast and painlessly using any popular payment method, whether it’s local or international.”

Teamleader is very enthusiastic about Mollie. “We’ve been working with Mollie since we began. It’s a European company, which is important for us. It offers a well-developed product at a competitive price, and you’re always expanding what your platform can do. And additionally, just like us, Mollie used to only focus on the Netherlands and Belgium, but now are also growing to other European countries. That not only makes it an excellent match for our clients, but for Teamleader itself.”

Mollie is a European company, which is important for us.

Vincent Blommaert Partnership Manager at Teamleader

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