The 7 best headless commerce solutions

‘The future is headless’. Look around at specialist and household publications and you’ll see the same message: headless is the next/new stage in ecommerce’s evolution.

If you don’t already know, headless commerce means separating the frontend of your store – or the customer-facing parts of your website – from the back-end systems that run your business’s commercial and operational functions, such as shipping, payments, and security. The frontend and backend systems then communicate using APIs.

What does this offer to businesses? Better flexibility, faster and cheaper development, quicker site speeds, and the ability to fully build and customise your tech stack to perfectly suit your business’s needs (and have one that can scale with it as needed).

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Headless is growing in popularity, too. In fact, Forbes found that companies raised more than €1.5 billion in funding for headless technologies from 2020–2021. This number is predicted to increase. With that growing popularity, more and more companies are offering headless solutions – or technology that decouples back- and front-end systems and connects your business’s different commerce functions using APIs.

Looking for an overview of companies working at the forefront of headless? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best firms providing best-in-class headless solutions to ecommerce companies.

Top headless commerce solutions


Search for Deity online and you’ll see the message ‘Welcome to the new world of commerce’. It feels pretty apt. They offer a platform that allows businesses to take headless one step further into composable commerce, meaning all the tech your business uses is decoupled in the backend and frontend. This enables you to select best-in-class commerce components and connect them to form an ecommerce setup precisely suited to your business’s needs. Deity also offers access to PWA functionalities and the latest front-end technologies, helping you provide remarkable customer experiences.

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One company that uses Deity is Josh V, a fashion and lifestyle brand founded by Dutch fashion designer Josh Veldhuizen. They use Magento 2 and Deity as a composable commerce platform, making their website headless via a progressive web application (PWA) and integrating with providers who can help them deliver the best customer experience possible, including Mollie payments. The result? more sales, less downtime, and an ultra-fast user experience on any device.

Find out more about using Mollie and Deity together.


Ecommerce platform Magento is making headway into headless. Traditionally a monolithic platform through which the frontend and backend are tightly coupled. In recent years and with the development of Magento 2, it offers more and more headless capabilities.

So, what can Magento’s headless architecture offer your business? Highly personalised customer experiences, better website performance, faster improvements, easier scaling, and an exceptional mobile experience.

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As well as a headless site and a range of themes to choose from when building one, Magento also offers headless progressive web applications. In fact, Mollie customer and German luxury accessories brand Roeckl boosted orders by almost 200%, increased users by 150%, and lowered their bounce rate by 35% by developing a Magento 2 PWA.

Find out more about using Magento 2 and Mollie together.


Ecommerce platform BigCommerce offers the benefits of a SaaS platform – including web hosting, pre-built themes, and faster setup times – and the flexibility of an open-source platform. BigCommerce offers headless commerce features that can help you use just one account to operate multiple stores and make changes to your frontend without disrupting the back-end functions.

Developers can create custom headless solutions using the Channels Toolkit, and you can find and manage headless storefronts from the BigCommerce control panel – saving time and costs for developers. BigCommerce also makes it easy to connect to the most popular front-end frameworks, including Next.js, Gatsby and Nuxt.js, and allows you to choose which CMS you use when building your site, including WordPress, Contentful, and Prismic.

Find out more about using Mollie and BigCommerce together.


Sylius is an open-source ecommerce framework built on Symfony, a back-end framework used to build complex web applications. Using an API-first approach, it allows you to connect all your tech stack seamlessly.

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Whether dealing with inventory management, promotions, or customer support, Sylius’s Rest API easily allows you to connect different apps and work with the frontend of your choice. It enables you to scale easily, automate testing, and is designed for flexibility.

Find out more about using Mollie and Sylius together.


commercetools (with a little c) is a cloud-based headless commerce platform that’s used by a range of global brands, including Bang & Olufsen, Daniel Wellington, Burberry, and Audi.

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commercetools provides a Merchant Center where you can manage your most critical data and processes, including analysing your data, processing orders, and optimising your sales channels. It also has an advanced product information management (PIM) app that’s already built-in natively, so it doesn’t need to be installed or integrated.

By offering complete customisation, commercetools allows you to deliver remarkable customer experiences and build your business to your exact needs.


Spryker offers a modular, headless cloud platform-as-a-service to ecommerce companies. It allows you to create a customisable commerce stack with next-generation cloud capabilities that can quickly scale with your business. Its platform offers a range of technologies and abilities, including composable commerce, marketplace creations, and packages that can help you bridge the gap between monolithic infrastructure and an entirely headless app.

For online retailers, Spryker’s modular, scalable, cloud commerce B2C solution offers a range of features, including the ability to create individualised experiences, simplify product and catalogue management, refine your shipping, and move across borders with ease.

We’re currently working on a Mollie and Spryker integration.

Vue Storefront

Vue Storefront is an open-source frontend headless commerce platform. Using a frontend-as-a-service model, it provides a range of tools to help you build a bespoke storefront for your ecommerce store. That includes a library of customisable UI components, a state-of-the-art design system, PWA features, a built-in server workers cache, and native app functionalities.

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By offering all this, Vue Storefront helps you take the first step towards a modern composable commerce architecture for your business. You don’t need to build your storefront from scratch, instead assembling it with optimised pre-built blocks. It also works with more than 20 out-of-the-box integrations, including headless CMSs, ecommerce platforms, and third-party solutions.

We’re currently working on a Mollie and Vue Storefront integration.

Ready to go headless?

Thinking of taking your business headless? If the future of ecommerce is headless, you will have to take that leap at some point. The benefits are clear: more flexibility, faster development, and quicker site speeds. And creating a business infrastructure that completely suits your business and can scale with your growth is a huge advantage.

If you’re ready to take that leap, all of the providers are worthy partners for the next stage of your business’s journey.

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