Composable Commerce with Deity and Mollie: The Future of Ecommerce 

This blog post was written by Manon Sinke, Marketing Manager at Deity.

It is no secret that the ecommerce market has grown significantly in recent years and is expected to continue to grow in the future. Ecommerce has become a preferred way for consumers to shop and it massively changes the way businesses operate. Customer experience is at the center and fast-growing online brands have to adapt to fast changing customer expectations quickly.

Unfortunately, still many businesses run into limitations with their existing ecommerce setup, making it impossible to offer these personalized, flexible, seamless and unified experiences. What we need is an ecommerce approach that allows merchants to use the right tools and services to sell customized products. We need Composable Commerce!

What is Composable Commerce? 

Composable Commerce is the principle of selecting and composing best-of-breed commerce solutions and customizing them to your specific preferences and needs.

Instead of being limited to the capabilities of one software vendor, you can choose from a wide range of third-party software components. Each vendor is specialized in the one thing they do, leading to highly customized and engaging shopping experiences, tailored to your customers’ expectations. For example, one of these services could be shopping cart and checkout while the other service is specialized in promotions, search or content. In Composable Commerce we truly choose what’s best for our business, and more importantly, for our customers rather than relying on one vendor to produce standard functionality as a one-size-fits-all solution.

The true secret behind Composable Architecture  

There are several factors that can contribute to the success of a Composable Commerce story like high-quality components, competitive pricing, the ease of use of the different modules and constantly improving and innovating to stay ahead of your competitors. However, there is only one key ingredient to success, one thing that gives you complete freedom and flexibility to adopt this best-of-breed approach and that makes sure all the connections are there. In Composable Commerce we need a composer.

A composer is the layer between all the different commerce solutions and the frontend(s). It makes sure that all these services can communicate with each other, leading to highly engaging and customizable experiences in the frontend.

What does Composable Commerce bring fast-growing merchants? 

If done right, Composable Commerce brings along many benefits for forward-thinking and fast-growing companies. With this approach, businesses can finally keep up with the ever-changing customer demand and offer the experiences their customers expect.

Best-of-breed commerce 

Combine best-of-breed solutions and let platforms and third-party services work together without the need of direct integrations between them. Extend and customize them to meet your business needs.

Keep up with customer expectations

Keep up with customer expectations and adapt to changes in the market quickly. Does the opportunity for your customers arise to shop from social media? Then you as a business have to pivot quickly. Composable Commerce allows for these quick changes. 

Take advantage of intelligent tooling 

Utilize intelligent tooling to truly compose your digital experiences. Every part of your business deserves the benefits of a composable approach. Development teams can finally focus on the tech side while marketing teams can work with the tools they like, without the need of developers.

A platform that is ready for any future change 

Start building a platform that grows with you. Are you in your busiest season? No worries, your platform scales up and down with your traffic and website interactions, making it ideal for every stage of growth.

Besides, having full control means you’re never restricted by one vendor anymore. Say goodbye to vendor lock-ins and truly work with the software you need. 

Deity and Mollie in a composable world

Now that we know more about Composable Commerce, let’s have a look at how Deity and Mollie work together to offer complete composable digital experiences. Deity is the Composable Commerce specialist that enables ambitious businesses to compose best-of-breed digital experiences and orchestrate their commerce processes. Mollie is one of the fastest growing Payment Service Providers in Europe and helps global brands with effortless payments.

Together we believe in a composable future that helps online merchants accelerate their growth and truly compose their commerce to offer highly customized and engaging digital experiences. 

At Mollie we see Composable Commerce happening and we know that payments are the backbone of the business. Therefore, we keep on innovating and integrating with composers like Deity as well as third party best of breed solutions. All in the purpose of increasing the user experience and making our merchants stand out - and grow.’

Merijn van Zuidam, Head of Partner Integrations at Mollie

Are you exploring the options for a Composable Commerce solution? Get in touch with us, we’re ready to take on the next adventure. 

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