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It’s always interesting to see how old films depict the future – and get it so wrong. If *Back to the Future* had it right, we should all be travelling around in flying cars and on hoverboards by now. Instead, progress manifests itself in smaller changes, like being able to sell your old sofa online or book a taxi using your smartphone. A smaller-scale revolution, perhaps, but one that we owe in part to the rise of the platform economy.

That’s because platforms are changing how we live and disrupting industries across the world. We’ve had Uber, Amazon, and Airbnb, and now more businesses are adopting the platform model to thrive. That model is simple: connecting two groups and taking a cut of the profits when they transact. It works, too, with the value of the top 100 global digital platforms reaching over €15 trillion in 2021 and continuing to rise.

As the platform economy continues to shape our lives, collaboration is a key driver of success. SaaS companies, marketplaces, and other platforms streamline operations and drive growth by partnering with other tech firms to level up what they do. This is exactly why we created Connect for Platforms: to provide platforms with a compliant and effortless payments solution that can improve their service and help them scale.

Want to know more? Let’s take a look at what it can offer your business.

What is Mollie Connect for Platforms?

Connect for Platforms helps SaaS and marketplaces to integrate online payments, onboard customers, and accept and route funds. It uses a suite of configurable APIs and tools to make doing business and managing payments as simple as possible.

Connect features:

Hosted onboarding: Automate or white-label your onboarding.

Application fees for SaaS firms: Charge fees on payments processed through your app or platform.

Managed fees for SaaS: Monetise payments and set bespoke payment processing pricing.

Marketplace split payments: Distribute payments to multiple sellers.

OAuth: Securely view your customers’ payment data.

Mollie Dashboard: Track and measure payments in real-time.

If you operate a SaaS, online marketplace, or a platform, Connect allows you (and your customers) to accept more than 25 payment methods, including digital wallets, debit and credit card payments, and leading European options. It takes care of all your customer (KYC) and compliance needs, saving you time and reducing your workload.

Below we’ll look at how brands are using it to power their innovative SaaS platforms and marketplaces.


How SaaS businesses use Connect


Connect features used: OAuth, hosted onboarding, application fees

French SaaS startup Grinks enables hospitality businesses to sell drinks directly to their customers through the Grinks app. Used by theatres, festivals, bars, and others, consumers can order and pay via the app and then head to the bar or service area to collect their beverages. Easy to set up and start processing orders, Grinks helps businesses improve efficiency in the ordering process and customer loyalty.

We’re helping to power payments made through the Grinks app. Using Connect for SaaS, Grinks helps hospitality businesses offer the payment methods their customers need and get paid out according to their chosen schedule. Our hosted onboarding technology allows businesses to quickly sign up to Mollie through the Grinks app and effortlessly complete all the necessary KYC information and account validation to start accepting payments. And by using application fees through Connect’s SaaS payment facilitation solution, Grinks can earn money on payments made through its app.

They say: “Mollie immediately became a true partner in the development of our project, offering advice and expertise to get us started. They’re very available, and the integration with our application went very well. Mollie is much more than a service provider for us: it is a key sponsor for the success of our business.” – Gabriel Ferran, Grinks co-founder.


Connect features used: OAuth, hosted onboarding

Europe’s leading shipping automation platform Sendcloud offers ecommerce businesses an advanced platform to manage and automate all their shipping needs.

As part of an exclusive partnership, Sendcloud has integrated our payments solution into its Returns Portal for a feature which makes managing paid returns effortless for online businesses. Businesses using Sendcloud’s Return Portal can quickly enable return payments to automatically charge customers for the price of their return label, with the payment processed via Mollie.


To use this Paid Returns feature, Sendcloud customers must also have a Mollie account. Using Connect’s hosted onboarding feature, Sendcloud helps its customers sign up to Mollie directly through the Returns Portal, inspiring trust to drive conversions.

They say: “We are proud to partner with Mollie to simplify the complexity of paid returns. By allowing online businesses to easily process return fees using a wide range of payment options throughout Europe, we’re offering consumers and businesses an easy returns process.” – Rob van den Heuvel, Sendcloud CEO and co-founder.


Connect features used: OAuth, hosted onboarding, managed fees

Like Grinks, Jamezz has developed software which makes self-ordering effortless for consumers. Using QR codes, they can browse the venue’s menu, place their order, and pay with just a few clicks. Ordering this way is becoming increasingly common, accelerated by better connectivity and the adoption of hands-free consumerism during the pandemic. The Dutch firm operates in more than 15 countries and is branching out into a range of digital services for online businesses, including deliveries, loyalty programs, and marketing promotions.

Using Connect’s hosted onboarding and OAuth features, Jamezz can onboard new customers quickly, with all necessary KYC and compliance checks white-labelled as part of their sign-up process. They also use Connect’s managed fees feature to monetise payments made through their platform. At the same time, Mollie Multi-currency allows them to hold money and send and receive payments in multiple currencies. We also help Jamezz’s customers offer all the payment methods European consumers prefer to use.

They say: “We were live with Mollie Connect in just five days, and now that we are focusing on international expansion we notice the added value of a committed payment provider. Mollie is very proactive: they regularly check in with us, and we have our own partner manager, which makes contact easy and adds a personal touch. All in all, we feel like we can conquer Europe with Mollie.” – Joost Putters, Head of Growth at Jamezz

How marketplaces and other businesses are using Connect


Connect features used: Split payments, hosted onboarding, OAuth

We’ve partnered with Mazda to help them create an innovative marketplace that could influence how the automotive industry operates. Using Connect for marketplaces and together with our technical team, the carmaker is digitalising automotive retail using a European platform which allows regional dealers to sell products and services via the global brand easily.

The Connect-powered marketplace helps Mazda’s European dealers offer the payment methods their customers need, a conversion-optimised checkout, and a seamless onboarding experience. They also have the peace of mind of using a compliant and automated payment solution with local customer support.


As well as the benefits for their dealers, by using our marketplace payment platform, Mazda can quickly scale new products and guarantee that payments are sent to the correct regional dealer. The company can help dealers start selling quickly using Connect’s hosted onboarding feature and keep up to date with sales through the Mollie Dashboard.

They say: “As we roll out our marketplace across the UK and throughout Europe, the simple, localised, and transparent solutions that Mollie offers allows us to remain focused on our growth and our customers.” – Matthias Sileghem, Mazda Motor Europe.


Connect features used: Split payments, hosted onboarding, OAuth

One of the largest parking organisations in Europe, Q-Park operates more than 3,000 parking facilities across the continent. They needed a marketplace payments solution that offered advanced features, including the ability to accept multiple payment methods, centralise payment acceptance, and distribute funds to various operations. In short: more than just a run-of-the-mill marketplace payment gateway.

Using Connect, Q-Park can easily manage the funds that come in and out of its separate operations. They use Connect’s hosted onboarding feature to onboard parking facilities and split payments to route funds between different operations as needed.

Of course, all of our Connect customers benefit from all the other benefits of our payments services. Q-Park is doing precisely that, offering our conversion-optimised checkout to drive sales, delivering simplified recurring payments, and accessing seamless reconciliation to stay in control of their day-to-day finances.

They say: “We were looking for a payment solution and Mollie’s Connect for Platforms was the answer. We can now accept multiple global and local payment methods, onboarding was quick and easy, and the in-market support we’ve received has been outstanding.” – Frank Janssen, Q-Park’s corporate information manager.

Grow your business with Mollie

Whether you’re looking for an advanced SaaS payment solution or a marketplace payment provider that also offers a range of benefits to help your business grow, Connect for Platforms can help. It’s a fast and easy way to accept and integrate leading payment methods into your platform, quickly and securely onboard your customers, and ensure you’re always fully PSD2 compliant. We offer Connect with transparent pricing and local human support for you when you need it.

Learn more about Connect for Platforms, or contact us to speak to our team about how we can help your business.

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