Mollie launches Mollie Capital to offer customers flexible financing

We’re delighted to introduce a new product to help our customers drive growth: Mollie Capital. A fast and flexible way for our customers to access funding, Capital’s launch also signifies our move into financial services.

Mollie Capital is a fully integrated business financing service. Eligible customers can apply for cash advances of up to €250,000 based on several factors, including their transaction history with us. Our customer can request funding via the Mollie dashboard in just a few clicks, and, in most cases, funds will be available on the same day. Customers pay a fixed one-time fee, and we automatically take repayments as a portion of their daily sales.

An alternative to traditional financing

Research shows the difficulty that young and innovative firms have in accessing loans. This means they can find it difficult to drive growth as they can’t buy inventory, fund marketing campaigns, or invest in business expansion.

We created Mollie Capital to help. It is an alternative to traditional financing that our customers can use to unlock their growth potential. We also make it as simple and efficient as possible for them to access funding by letting them manage the entire process in the same platform they receive their revenue.

Shane Happach, Mollie CEO, says: “Mollie Capital is a milestone product launch for us. It marks our first step towards becoming a financial services provider whilst aligning with our goal to help small- and medium-sized merchants compete with the industry’s biggest players.

“At Mollie, we believe in the success of SMEs and want to help them grow. With lengthy, cumbersome requirements to get financing, the big banks have continually underserved them. Mollie Capital will ensure they can access fast, flexible, and easy funding that they need to flourish.”

How Capital helps our customers

Mollie Capital is already helping our customers, including Glamour your Hair, which sells hair extensions online. Tom Kapitein, the firm’s co-owner, says: “As a growing SME, Mollie Capital has transformed how we access financing. With repayments automatically repaid, we don’t have to worry about scheduling or missing repayments, so we can focus our priority on growing our business.”

We’re initially offering Mollie Capital to select businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium and plan to launch Capital in other parts of Europe later this year.

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