Product in the spotlight: Mollie Capital

Our spotlight series highlights products, features, and plug-ins that we offer to help you increase sales and drive growth. This edition focuses on Mollie Capital, our fast and flexible business funding.

What is Mollie Capital?

If you're running a business, securing funding can be challenging. Why? Because applying for a loan can be complicated and time-consuming, involving complex paperwork and more hoops to jump through than an elite dog show. Often, you have to submit a financial plan or promise to contribute equity. And after you've done all that? Your application might be rejected anyway.

However, accessing the financing you need at the right time can be crucial to your business's growth. And waiting for lengthy approval processes means you can't take advantage of opportunities as quickly as you need to.

Mollie Capital can help. We created it to help businesses drive growth by giving them quick and easy access to funding. Do you want to expand internationally, buy inventory, or could you use a financial boost to get through a challenging period? With Mollie Capital, you can access up to €250,000 in funding in under 24 hours.

And the best thing? Our data shows that 41% of businesses that use Mollie Capital increased their sales by an average of 69%.

How Mollie Capital makes accessing funding simple

Quick and easy to request

Mollie customers can request Capital via their Dashboard. Just log in and submit your request. No red tape, no hassle. 

Flexible repayments tailored to your business

With our flexible repayments, you only pay back what is possible for your business. If business is good, you repay faster; if business is slow, you repay less quickly. 

And you make repayments automatically, giving you more time to run your business.

Added to your account in just one working day

Applications are processed immediately, so you get your funding within one working day.

Only pay a one-time fixed fee 

Capital offers financing without any hidden costs. When you apply, you can immediately see the fixed fee we charge. That means you know exactly where you stand. 

Capital top-ups

And what happens when you've repaid 80% of the original financing amount? Then you're eligible for further funding.

With Capital top-ups, you can submit a new application via your Mollie Dashboard to receive three offers. And again, you get the money within just one working day.

Who is eligible for Capital?

You must meet three conditions to be eligible for Mollie Capital:

  • Your company is based in Belgium, the Netherlands, or Germany
  • You have been actively using Mollie's payment services for at least three months
  • You have processed a transaction volume of at least €500 per month over the past three months.

Your Mollie Capital application is always subject to final credit approval.

How to apply for Mollie Capital

You can apply for Mollie Capital in three simple steps:

  1. Apply for Capital: Log in to your Mollie Dashboard and apply for Capital
  2. Choose your offer: Within one working day, you will receive three quotes tailored to your business. You then have 30 days to choose the offer that suits you best.

3. Grow your business: After selecting your offer, the funding is transferred directly to your business account within one working day.

Why our customers love Mollie Capital

Dutch company Glamour Your Hair was one of our first customers to use Mollie Capital.

For the firm's co-founder, Tom Kapitein, it provided everything they needed to boost sales and keep their customers happy. "I liked the look of it right away,” Tom explains. “It's simple and transparent, like all Mollie products. And applying was easy: I answered three questions and was immediately shown the maximum amount we were eligible for. A short time later, €25,000 was in our account."

With Mollie Capital, Glamour Your Hair could buy more stock to delight customers by offering quick and efficient shipping on all products. "We can deliver consistently thanks to Mollie Capital," Tom explains. "And we see that reflected in our sales figures – they increased by 30%."

Learn more about how Capital helped Glamour Your Hair.

Get the funding you need with Capital 

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