Product spotlight: The Mollie App

Our spotlight series highlights products, features, and plug-ins that we offer to help you increase sales and drive growth. This edition focuses on how you can use the Mollie app to manage transactions, process refunds, and accept payments – all from your mobile device.

What is the Mollie App? 

The free Mollie App is a mobile app that helps you access your Mollie account – anytime, anywhere.

We launched the app in 2019 for iOS and in 2020 for Android. Since then, we have been systematically adding new features to help you stay in control of your business and payments.

Anyone on your team can use the Mollie App. Through the settings menu in your Mollie Dashboard, you can assign team members to your organisation. The information they can access depends on the role you assign them –  administrator, developer, finance, support, or just consulting.

How the Mollie App makes your life easier

If you're running an online business, you're probably always on the go: from one meeting to the next, from your desk to the warehouse, and heading to wherever else you need to be.

But, when you're on the move you need to keep an eye on your transactions and monitor your Mollie balance. Our app can help. And it also offers a range of other features to ensure you're always in control of your business.

The Mollie App: 5 key features

Here are 5 features the app offers you:

1. Check your balance and payments

The app allows you to check the available balance of your Mollie account at all times. You can also see data (with graphs) to easily compare your sales against previous periods, giving you real-time insights into your transactions and helping you track your business performance.

2. Manage your transactions and make refunds

As well as being able to manage your transactions, you can also process refunds directly in the app. This helps you keep your customers happy and your balances updated as needed.

Let your customers make instant payments (however they prefer to) by creating Payment Links or QR codes directly in the app. You can even personalise payment requests so they're on-brand, letting your customers know they're from a trusted source. 

Letting customers pay via a payment link or QR code is the perfect solution for when you're doing business on the go, have a pop-up shop, or just want to offer quick, easy payments for the best customer experience. Your customers can pay using any of the payment methods you have activated in your Mollie account. And all of the payments you receive this way are automatically tracked in your reporting and reconciliation.

You can create payment requests with with just a single click in the Mollie app and share it via email, SMS, messaging apps, and more.

4. Send, cancel, and refund orders

As long as you haven't yet shipped an order, you can change the number of items or cancel the order in the app. You can also refund an order amount after it has been paid or shipped.

5. Get real-time notifications

Enable real-time notifications so you’re always up to date on how your business is performing. You can receive notifications to let you know whenever you receive a new payment or when an order is about to expire. Just choose which notifications you want to receive in the settings menu.

Get started with the Mollie App 

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play

To link your Mollie account to the app log in with your email address and password. Choose the organisation you want to connect to the app and click 'Next'.

The app will then show you some suggestions to enable useful features like push notifications. You can also activate fingerprint or facial recognition for quicker access.

I use the Mollie app six to 10 times a day. It’s the easiest way for me to check how much turnover we’ve made anytime, anywhere. The app also lets my employees easily generate and send out payment links. I find it very handy that I can see the turnover for each day, week, or past 30 days. Without even opening up my laptop, I can immediately see if I need to check something, such as orders that are due soon..

Jannes from WANDStyle
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