5 Mollie features to power up your payments

If you're an online retailer, you know that optimising conversion and growing your business isn't easy. It takes hard work, constant testing, and a dedication to leveraging the best tools to help shoppers feel confident to buy.

Here at Mollie, we know that every firm needs a hand to boost sales and drive growth from time to time. That’s why our effortless payments solution is optimised to help any business succeed. Thankfully, our customers are happy to tell us why they love powering their payments with Mollie – including our local support teams, reliability, and advanced integrations. We aim to be there for them at every stage of their journey, optimising their conversion rate, simplifying the reconciliation process, and swiftly supporting any technical integrations whenever they need us.

Our focus is on our customers and partners, so we’re not always keen to talk about ourselves. But, sometimes, we think it’s important to be upfront about our payments expertise – especially when we know that it can make a crucial difference to the firms we support. So, today we’re being bold and talking about some essential things we offer that help power growth for our customers; five features that can help your business thrive, reduce costs, simplify workflows, and increase conversion.

Mollie checkout

Five Mollie features to power up your payments:

1. Mollie Checkout

Our checkout, or Hosted Payment Page (HPP), is crafted for conversion. Fewer clicks mean more conversions, so we reduce dropouts by delivering a simple, seamless experience that makes your visitors feel confident to complete a purchase. It offers:

– Multiple payment methods: All payment methods you have enabled are – when relevant – shown to your customers. Newly activated payment methods are available immediately and integrated at the click of a button.

– Responsive checkout: Our hosted payment pages optimise for all devices, including phones and tablets.

– Mollie Components: Consumers can enter their credit card details directly at your website’s checkout and won’t be redirected to a separate page, making the payment process faster and more reliable.

– Pay again: If a first payment attempt is unsuccessful, customers can easily make another attempt using the same or a different payment method.

– Optimised sorting: Our checkout uses data and testing to optimise the order of payment methods to suit your customers’ preferences. It also translates the activated method names into the corresponding language based on a customer’s location.

– Support: For QR codes and wallet-style payments such as Apple Pay.

Trust is key to driving conversions. Frictionless, battle-tested, and driving growth for more than 130,000 online retailers, you can trust our checkout to deliver higher sales.

Mollie dashboard

2. Alternative payment methods

We pride ourselves on helping businesses understand and provide the payment methods their customers prefer to use. We offer all the major European payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. We also make it easy to integrate all locally popular payment methods, such as iDEAL, Bancontact, and Cartes Bancaires. Offering the best mix of local options on your checkout for the right markets is key to increasing conversion. In fact, research shows that 56% of shoppers want to see multiple payment methods when checking out.

As well as this, online retailers need to offer new and growing payment methods to help make sure all shoppers are satisfied when checking out. That means offering methods that increase conversion, such as buy now, pay later provider Klarna. Offering these solutions also helps limit peaks in your sales cycle, helping you manage stock levels and logistics flows with ease. We also help you effortlessly add growing payment methods such as Apple Pay, which allows shoppers to buy directly on a product page with just one click.

By adding alternative payment methods with Mollie, you don’t need to sign individual agreements with the providers or negotiate on price; we take care of all the details so you can focus on the other parts of your business that need attention. And, as payment specialists, you don’t need to worry about what methods are popular where, as we’ll keep you updated when we think you can use a payment method to grow your business.

Quickly integrate all leading and local payment methods using one of our free plugins, or build your product with our robust, simple API. Our payments solution uses multiple acquirers, advanced security, and transparent pricing.

3. Second chance features

If a payment expires or fails, we’re there to help give your shoppers a second chance to pay. With the flick of a switch, automatic emails remind the customer to finish a purchase, driving conversions for your business. This email comes from your own domain, making sure shoppers aren’t made wary by changing messaging, so they feel at ease remaking the payment. We offer this feature on our Magento, JTL, Prestashop, Woocommerce, Odoo, Sylius, Episerver, and Oxid plugins.

Webhooks and retry scheme

4. Webhooks and retry scheme

Mollie Webhooks are used to process real-time payment status updates. You can add a webhook URL when creating a payment for almost instant reconciliation. This allows for faster shipping and means you can instantly activate services when a payment completes – ideal for software as a service or tech businesses.

The webhook will also identify when a refund is made or a chargeback is received. Our webhooks are fully secure, as you only receive a unique ID to use as a parameter to check a payment – messages will never contain any private information or data.

If you return a different status – let’s say because there’s a temporary problem with your hosting service – we will keep trying for a few hours, allowing you to process the request when the issue is resolved. We will call your webhook 10 times at increasing time intervals and only stop trying after 26 hours.

5. Settlements API

Successful payments, refunds, captures, and chargebacks are collected into *settlements*, which we pay out according to your schedule. You can automatically transfer these settlements straight into your accounting software or integration for rapid reconciliation using our settlements API. This helps eliminate manual reconciliation work and ensures you have real-time financial data to make business-critical decisions at speed.

We also offer a range of integrations to help reduce workloads, eliminate errors and free up time to concentrate on growing your business. Our invoices API can even fetch your monthly paid invoice information into your accounting system.

Grow your way with Mollie

At Mollie, we help businesses with an effortless payment solution. Easily integrate Mollie with your website and access secure, reliable payments with transparent pricing and local support that’s always there for you when you need it. Find out more about payments with Mollie, or read about the businesses we help on our customer success stories. For more on boosting conversions, check out our guide to optimising checkout conversion.

Get better payments now.