Mollie and Klarna launch ‘Payer en 3 fois sans frais’

We are excited to announce as of today, all of our customers in France can activate and enjoy Klarna’s ‘Payer en 3 fois sans frais’ payment method.

As in other markets, Mollie is once again one of the first fintechs to move forward on such an agreement with Klarna – and the first online payment solution to integrate it directly into their offering.

Payer en 3 fois sans frais

By switching on ‘Payer en 3 fois sans frais’ from the Mollie dashboard, merchants can immediately increase checkout conversion and average order value through offering more flexible payments to customers:

– There are no hidden interests or fees when payments are made on time.

– Shoppers can easily view their purchases online or in the Klarna app.

– Klarna assumes full credit and fraud risk for both the merchants and consumers.

How to get started

1. Go to the settings of your website profile in your account.

2. Click on ‘Payment methods’ of the website profile for which you want to activate the payment methods.

3. Activate “Pay Later / Payer en 3 fois sans frais”

For more information about this new checkout feature please visit our help centre which has all the updated information you need to get started or contact us via our customer support.

Mollie x Klarna

After a partnership in various European markets (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium,…), we are proud to be further developing our collaboration with Klarna in the French market.

While online shopping has been democratised in an unprecedented way due to the health situation, consumers are looking for the most secure payment methods. In the age of the coronavirus, multi-payment can provide a useful solution while removing many uncertainties. It makes the payment process more flexible and builds confidence. As a result, consumers return faster: Klarna users buy 20% more often and spend an average of 16% more per order.

It is against this background that Klarna and Mollie have joined forces. Already partners in several European countries, the two European companies are entering into a partnership on the French market to enable e-merchants to offer the most innovative and seamless split payment solution to date, without the need for additional contracts. Thanks to this partnership, every e-merchant can check out from the Mollie dashboard. With Klarna, consumers can pay for their purchases in instalments, without any additional costs, while the online shop is paid directly. Klarna is the market leader in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands and is used by 90 million people worldwide, increasing the value of orders between 5 and 15%.

“We are delighted to be one of the first to sign with Klarna and take it as a sign of confidence. We are both international players and are looking to stay ahead of the market by offering ever more innovative and simple solutions for both consumers and e-tailers,” explains Benjamin Lang, Country Manager France at Mollie.


Eric Petitfils, Klarna’s Sales Director, said: “Trust is an important factor in the rapidly expanding e-commerce market. Shoppers want the most secure and user-friendly experience possible, while online shops want the least complex process possible. With Klarna via Mollie, the whole payment process is smooth and easy, with one click, and this obviously benefits the conversion rate.”

Now, with Klarna and Mollie, French merchants can offer their customers payment in three instalments, free of charge.

Get better payments now.