Superior payments for Shopware websites


Over 100,000 sites trust Shopware - including some big names in big sectors: media, engineering, web retail. With good reason:

  • Open-source online shopping software is flexible and powerful

  • Easy-to-use interface

  • A cloud option, to minimize inhouse IT and control costs

When it comes to the payments and checkout you offer on your Shopware-powered webshop: Mollie enables a superior experience for customers and increases conversion rates.

Great news, from today we are supporting Shopware 6 Headless approach. You can learn more on our Github guide.

The ideal Shopware companion

The heart of any e-commerce setup is its payments process. With Mollie, you get a cloud-based payments API any e-commerce site can easily integrate with, providing pain-free payment processing for their customers – and their customers’ customers too.

The Mollie plugin for Shopware integrates credit and debit cards, iDEAL for SEPA transfers, PayPal payments with the Shopware UX. Your customers get frictionless payments, without being dragged into another UI or onto a different domain.

The integration is simple and supported by easy-to-follow documentation, with every twist and turn covered. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, our support team are standing by.

Once you’re in play it keeps getting better: Pricing without tricks. Security as a given. Tools for customer service, like chargebacks and refunds. Plus handy insights and real-time data are available at a glance in an intuitive dashboard.

Mollie x Shopware

Simplicity starts at setup but doesn’t stop there:

  • Fast onboarding: it is possible to set up an account within 15 minutes. Account activation takes place within 1-2 days.

  • Honest pricing: No lock-in contract, no monthly fees and no plug-in costs. Pay only for successful transactions, which means no start-up costs or maintenance fees. Read more about Mollie Pricing.

  • 20+ local and alternative payment methods: Integrate your Shopware site with Mollie and you’re instantly connected to all the main global payments networks. And plenty of local ones, too.

  • Intuitive dashboard with up-to-date payment details, real-time accounting and refund made easy.

  • One contract for all payment methods: you don’t need to apply for payment methods separately. Payment methods can easily be (de-) activated in the Mollie dashboard.

  • Simple test environment for payment integrations.

  • Fraud monitoring: smart fraud monitoring on all your payments.

  • Dynamic 3D secure: Safer payments with dynamic 3D secure on credit card payments.

  • PCI-DSS level 1 certified.

  • Multicurrency: freedom to pay with their preferred currency.

  • Mobile friendly: payment screens are optimized with automatic device detection.


  1. Create a Mollie account

  2. Download the plugin in the Shopware store or in the Plugin Manager in your Shopware Backend

  3. Activate the plugin and enter your Mollie API key

  4. Once the onboarding process in your Mollie account is completed, start accepting payments. You’ll usually be up and running within one working day.

Turn payments to your advantage

Shopware with Mollie adds up to more customers, in more countries, completing more transactions. It means fewer transactions left in limbo, more customers coming back. All with a payments gateway that’s 100% integrated with international networks, always-on and always up to date with regulation and compliance. Because that’s our business.

Try Mollie for Shopware for free. No lock in. No hidden fees.

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