The Mollie Terminal: in-person payments designed for our customers

What word do you think you’d hear most during an hour-long conversation with the CEO of a growing scaleup? Profit, innovation, investors? Maybe some industry jargon? 

We ask because after spending an hour or so with Mollie’s new CEO Koen Köppen, one word rolls around the room and reverberates throughout the conversation, underpinning every part of our discussion.

Not leverage, utilise, or synergy (thankfully). No, the word is ‘customer’. 

And that makes sense.

Why? Because Koen has been passionately dedicated to helping customers throughout his career – from his start in engineering to becoming Klarna’s Chief Technical Officer and now in his role as our CEO/CTO. 

In fact, that commitment was forged early in his career, during his time in a customer-facing engineering role that challenged how he approached product development. 

“Up until then, I was looking at a product from an inward-looking perspective”, he explains. “But actually, spending a year in my career working closely with customers and seeing products through their eyes was enlightening: it changed my mindset and the way I approach things.”

Introducing the Mollie Terminal

Another reason the word customer comes up so often during our discussion is that we’re launching a new product created with that exact mindset: the Mollie Terminal
The new terminal is part of a product ecosystem built around a critical need of our customers: to simplify in-person payments and unify all payments on one platform.

So, as we sit down with Koen at our Amsterdam HQ, the first line of questioning has to be: why omnichannel? Why now?

“That’s simple,” Koen says. “It’s what our customers wanted. Almost all of them need some sort of in-person payment solution. So we made it for them.”

“Of course, we used to focus on online payments. But things change. And in the last couple of years, things have changed quickly at Mollie: we’ve launched more products and services than ever and even moved into financial services with Mollie Capital.”

The new Mollie Terminal is part of that evolution. Using the smart, secure terminal, businesses can offer customers a frictionless in-person payment experience, all with easy setup, expert support, and the ability to connect all online and in-person payments through one integration. 

An ecosystem of in-person products for any business

The terminal is complemented by our other POS products: QR Codes and Tap to Pay for Android. Together with our online payments and dashboard, they help Mollie users accept and manage all transactions from one place and simplify any operation.

“We always evolve with our customers,” Koen says. “POS terminals have evolved as well, and now advanced technology can help us deliver what our customers need while providing the simplified, seamless experience synonymous with Mollie. 

“That was always our aim: to offer the same level of quality that we do with our online payments. That way, we know that our customers have everything they need to make payments, reconciliation, returns, and other financial processes as easy as possible – and they can do all that on one platform.”

Connect every payment on one platform

As well as ‘customer’, Koen also uses the word ‘connected’ throughout our chat. Why? Because helping businesses to centralise all their payments to simplify every financial process was a guiding star throughout development.

“When we spoke to businesses, they told us about their frustrations managing multiple providers or spending hours doing manual tasks,” Koen says. “So we created our POS products to offer a fully integrated solution with a single dashboard and interface. I think that makes them special. 

“Of course, we’re delighted with this new product suite. But ultimately, technology is just a means to solve our customers’ problems, and the revenue we make is the outcome of creating value for our customers. So our only focus is helping customers succeed.”

A customer-centric approach to product development

Koen’s single-minded passion for helping customers has been evident since he joined Mollie from Klarna in May 2022. During his first year, he oversaw the launch of Mollie Capital, which allows businesses to access fast and flexible financing and avoid the complex and time-consuming process of securing a traditional loan.

And over the last few months he’s been busier than ever, as he was named Mollie CEO/CTO in April 2023. Since then, he’s been balancing product launches, customer catch-ups, and more. He’s also spent more time than ever meeting and learning about the different teams around Mollie.

“That’s been an absolute pleasure. I was already working closely with most departments, but we have so many talented people here. It’s great to support them on their journey to success.

“My previous experience as a CTO helps, too. And my position now means I can channel that company-wide desire to deliver for customers. So as well as launching new products and looking after the team, a key part of my job is to ensure that everyone in this organisation understands how everything we do impacts our customers.”

Talking about creating customer impact feels like a fitting end to our conversation. And with that, Koen is on to meetings about user-experience updates, cloud migration strategy, and go-to-market projects. The one thing it’s safe to say is that throughout all of it ‘customer’ will be the operative word.

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