Payment gateway for medical device retailers

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving to help people live healthier and longer lives, but businesses that sell medical equipment have recently faced issues globally with sheer demand. In order to continue to grow, efficiency and speed are key..

The pandemic brought about unprecedented times for all businesses, especially those that are medical based. So it’s integral that you grow and adapt with the world around you. At Mollie, these are the values we cherish. We strive to help you power up your payments so you can grow your business and reach more customers.

Discovering the most secure payment for your medical device store

As a provider of goods to the medical industry, you undoubtedly require reliability, security, and trust from your payment service provider (PSP). This ensures that your customers have smooth and safe transactions. By finding a provider that looks after all of these aspects, you can focus on providing high quality customer serviceproducts to those who rely on you.

A PSP helps you process payments via multiple payment methods, such as credit card, recurring payments, Apple Pay, PayPal and more. The right payment solution will fit seamlessly into your business, improving the efficiency of payments for both you and your customers. When considering a PSP, it's important to reflect on what your needs are and how the solution can help you meet those needs.

Why does my business need a payment service provider?

For ecommerce businesses, a PSP can either add convenience or stress. It is the cashier to your online business, accepting both local and global payment methods. Creating consistent snag-free payments for an excellent customer experience is essential, as is the ability to oversee and manage past transactions.

Your platform should be all this and more. It should allow your customers to pay how they want to, using credit, direct debit, or PayPal. Your business deserves a payment service provider that keeps you at the cutting edge of ecommerce, with fast and secure payments.

With low transaction fees and easy integrations to a wide and expanding range of ecommerce platforms, we go above and beyond so you can focus on giving your customers the best online shopping experience.

How can Mollie help you?

We work with a wide range of businesses who, like you, seek to grow their business while providing a cutting edge customer experience.. We are a fully integrated PSP with a plethora of advanced tools at your disposal to help you push for conversions and provide medical devices to those that need them.

Stress-free setup and integration to your CMS

Creating an account with us is easy. Our setup process is just 10 simple steps – with no lengthy guides or courses that require lots of technical knowledge, so you can start straight away..

If you need something more bespoke,our payment API allows for developers to integrate Mollie software with no wasted time, so you can give your customers access to a range of payment options without delay.

Provide a wide range of payment options at low cost

After you’ve set up with us, you will be able to provide a wide range of payment options to users.

We offer all major ecommerce payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, and Apple Pay; you’ll only ever pay per transaction, and only for completed transactions, too. Simply toggle which payment methods you want, when you want. All with no hidden fees or lock-in contracts, giving you full flexibility to test and adapt.

With high quality security and more features

Security is a key consideration especially when taking payments for medical products. Providing meticulous security ensures your customer’s trust in you is maintained and you can ensure payments are sent safely.

We are fully PCI-DSS level 1 certified, and comply fully with the European Banking Authority’s Guidelines. This means that with rigorous security checks, safe data storage, employee screenings and compliance with every available regulation, we can ensure the safety, stability and reliability of our payment platform. We provide you with peace of mind from the word go.

The payment solution trusted by medical device ecommerce businesses

At Mollie, we provide fully integrated payment solutions to more than 130,000 businesses worldwide..

Optimise time & resources with integrations

Feeling stuck with your current payment solutions? If you’re looking for ease and efficiency,we’ve made starting with us an absolute breeze. With the option of plugins and integrations for all leading ecommerce platforms, accounting software Xero, and other tech tools to keep things running smoothly.

For example, we have integrations with the ecommerce platform WooCommerce, allowing you to create a slick online store to display your products with ease, complete with payment options and cart. If you use Wordpress this is an ideal combination for you and your store.

Case study: Praxisdienst

Praxisdienst had encountered issues with their payment systems, so we worked to help provide flexibility allowing their teams to take payment in a variety of scenarios. Our payment requests product has helped them receive payment through email, online, customer support and more so they can serve the customer even better than before. 

With ecommerce surpassing bricks and mortar stores, it makes perfect sense that individuals and businesses will seek to purchase medical devices online. This partnership helped Praxidienst expand their market to more locations in Europe with the addition of language options. 

How does Mollie stack up to the competition?

Mollie offers an all-in-one solution for businesses and can provide a seamless switch from your previous provider. Your medical device ecommerce business will be able to accept payments, send invoices, and track finances all in one place. And that’s not all.

Mollie allows for easy recurring payments

It’s likely some of your customers will need similar or the same products regularly to meet their needs, which is no problem thanks to our recurring payment collection feature, which caters for both subscription and flexible recurring payment schedules.. This ensures that your regular customers can pay you on time, all the time.

Get paid when you need it

With Mollie,ou control when money reaches your account.. You can change the payout date and frequency in your account, at no cost. By default, we pay you twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays and the first business day of the month. Your payout frequency options depend on what payment methods you choose.

Dedicated, local support 

In December 2021, we surveyed 500 SMEs to discover what they loved and didn’t love about their current payment service provider. Slow response times, inappropriate communication methods, and outstanding unresolved issues were some of the top pain points. Sound familiar? 

At Mollie, we offer responsive, local support teams all over Europe so that we’re always there for you when you need us. As well as helping you problem solve, we can also offer guidance and insights to help you drive growth and improve your customer service., 

Get ahead with Mollie 

Here at Mollie, we support more than 130,000 European businesses with effortless payments, and we understand how important payments are to a successful ecommerce medical device business and we aim to support you with a stress free online payments solution that you can rely on. 
Advanced integrations, multiple payment methods, and a conversion-optimised checkout are all just a click away. Sign up today or if your business processes over £50,000 per month contact our sales team.

Get better payments now.